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Sensational Haiku Wednesday: June 29, 2011

Is it really almost the end of June? Where has the month gone? School resumes in just four, short weeks!

This week's theme to Jenn's Sensational Haiku Wednesday, over at You Know...That Blog? is living.

Since I've always considered life somewhat of a rollercoaster, this is the bend I chose to take on this week's theme. It reminds me of the internet joke floating around about arriving in Heaven, not clean, pristine and neat, but all used up and saying, "Man! What a ride!"

Hold on for the ride Rollercoaster lifts and drops Get out your barf bag
After it all stops After the world stops spinning It was almost fun
You have survived it Stronger; In one piece even It wasn’t that bad
The Merry-Go-Round Just goes round, and round, and round What’s the fun in that?
In the moment; life! Live it long, strong, loud and proud You only get one

Until next time...

PSA for all New Moms: Do NOT Use Black Frosting - Ever!

Okay, so first, I'd like to apologize for the quality of this picture. For starters, it is 13 years old. Second, it's a picture of a picture, courtesy of my wonderful MIL who keeps everything (good thing, too, because it's obvious that up until recently I sucked at keeping anything!) TMB took this picture while he was helping his mother move into her new place...which reminds me, I need to get over there and help her!

Anyway, about this picture: This is The Boy during his first birthday. His favorite *thing* at the time was the WalMart smiley face.  You remember, right? Well, anyway, as a new mother, I got the stupid bright idea to make the cake and use black icing for the eyes and mouth.

This is a bad idea for so many reasons:

The picture. First birthdays are notorious for being messy; why add to your clean up misery? Black frosting stains - a lot! (See Point #1).Black frosting tastes disgusting! It is bitter and not the least bit palatable. I think The Boy's birthday …

Summer Ponderings: When did The Boy become a Man Beast Jr.?

Meet The Boy. Here you see him in his natural habitat, the kitchen. Why the kitchen? Because the kitchen, dear readers, is where I need the most help (really, just ask TMB!) When I went back to school back in 2009, TMB told me that I needed to enlist the help of the kiddos because as he put it bluntly, "You can't do it by yourself." He was right, of course (but notice how he didn't put himself into the equation?*) I can't do it all. Well, I could if I wanted to be a big pile of mess with absolutely no time for myself or anything *fun*. So, anyway, that is how The Boy got into the kitchen.
This picture was taken the day he got back from week-long boyscout summer camp. (What you don't see is the subsequent eye roll and the comment, "Why did you just take a picture of me?"). A valid question. Why would I take a picture of The Boy doing his nightly kitchen clean up? After all, he's being doing it for the past two years; what makes tonight any differe…

Sensational Haiku Wednesday: The Evening Edition

I *almost* missed it - but I didn't!

This week's theme is JOY. I took a different approach to joy as I understand. It isn't anything that someone can bring you; it's a decision you have to make. The great thing about joy is that things don't have to be doing well in your life for you to have joy. In otherwords, one isn't necessarily synonomous with the other. Isn't that a great idea?

As always, you can click on the graphic to read other great Haikus.

Joy’s not happiness Joy is nothing external Joy is in the heart
Having joy is a choice No one can give you real joy Make the decision
Joy is many things Joy is in the every day Joy is simple, pure

I'm No Beauty Queen

I'm no beauty queen, but of course this is no secret to anyone who knows me in real life. I am just over five feet and weigh well over the recommended 120 lbs that all the BMI charts recommend. My hair isn't perfect. Neither are my teeth. Or skin. Or nails (save for the occassional pedicure/manicure I get about twice a year). But there has been something that's been bugging me for awhile and I wasn't quite sure how to put it into words or if I should put it into words at all. However, I have run across blogs and subject matter that has just brought this issue to the front and I figure since it has spoken to me, maybe it'll speak to some of you. And if not, well, that's okay, too.

Just because I'm not a "perfect" size and I don't have the "perfect" body, why should I feel less than worthy to exist?

The answer is: I shouldn't. And neither should anyone else who is less than perfect. (And really, what is perfect anyway? An ideal of …

Sensational Haiku Wednesday

It's that time again - Sensational Haiku Wednesday! Are you tired of it? I just love it! My one complaint about poetry is that I hate rhyming! I hate rhythm. (Perhaps because I don't have any?) But a haiku? A haiku challenges me to say in 17 syllables; no more, no less. For a woman who tends to run at the mouth, this is a good thing.

This week's theme was FORTITUDE. To be honest, I didn't know what it meant, so I had to look it up. According to it means, "Strength of mind that allows one to endure pain or adversity with courage." I'm not sure my haiku exactly meets the definition, but to me it's fortitude.

Be sure to pop over to Jenn's blog to read other fabulous haikus!

Young. Naïve, maybe. Mistakes made repeatedly Lesson learned? Hardly.
Children. One then two. Young parents. Young offspring. Equals disaster.
Where is wedding bliss? Where is perfect family life? Someone lied to me!
Overtime, things change. Young parents become wiser. Cou…

Happy Birthday To Me!

I celebrated my 35th birthday on Saturday. It doesn't shame me to "out" myself on the internet about my age because I'm quite proud of my age. Every year I have a birthday is another year that God has allowed me to stay above ground (Thanks for the insight, Billy!). It makes sense to me! Funds are bit tight here in the Turtle household. We are attempting to widdle down all of our credit card debt (it's not much) over the course of the year while I am still gainfully employed in order to prepare for my student teaching stint when I will not be gainfully employed. So, that being said, we have been cutting down on some costs (not all – I might go into that at a later time). So, instead of going to an expensive Japanese steakhouse that cooks your meal right at your table, The Man Beast bought two steaks and cooked them along with some roasted potatoes and broccoli. Originally, my dinner was supposed to be on Saturday night, but The Man Beast was unavoidably delayed at…

Are You Making the Most of Your 24 Hours?

This is another article I wrote for the Women Within Newsletter. A little backstory: At the time, I was homeschool The Boy and Baby Gurl. Considering Baby Gurl is now entering the 5th grade and I homeschooled her during the Pre-K/K years, it'll give you an idea of how long ago this actually was. However, it's advice that bears repeating.
Don't say you don't have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein.
- H. Jackson Brown

Everyone has 24 hours to complete whatever it is they feel they need to do. Granted, most of wish we had more, but the fact remains, that regardless, we have 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of nightlight (assuming you don’t live in Alaska, that is).

In order to make the most of our time, many of us get less than 8 hours of sleep and survive on mega doses of caffeine. If you’re one of these people, how’…

Haiku Wednesday: Health

Life has a funny way of working out. First, my rant yesterday about the media and its perception of health and now Jenn over at You Know...That Blog?, who hosts the Sensational Haiku Wednesdays, has created HEALTH as her topic this week!

Never one to follow rules (well,not much anyway), I've decided to make a Haiku story instead of just a Haiku. Click the graphic above to read more Sensational Haikus; tell them Iva sent you!

Watch Out! Iva's on a Mission

This article was originally published for the Women Within Voices newsletter I did eons ago (Do some of my long-time readers remember?)It's kind of funny how some things change but stay the same, isn't it?
This year is my year to get mad. I’m on a mission: to change the world’s perception of eating right, exercising and permanent lifestyle changes. I get so angry when I hear the media setting the guidelines for what is healthy; not even healthy – what a woman should look like!

I am here to tell the media (and anyone else who feels a woman should be a size 0) that the Constitution might say that all men were created equal, but all women don’t fit into a perfect little box! No! Real women have curves! Yes, some of those curves fit into a size zero pair of jeans but not all of them do. And if a woman’s curves fit into a size 18 jean, so what? She is no less a woman, no less beautiful, and no less worthy of love, admiration or prestige.

Yes, I’m a little ticked.

Anyone wh…

Things I've Been Meaning to Do {June} and an Introduction to I'm a Lazy Mom

I recently found a fabulous blog hosted by a gorgeous woman named Stacey. Her blog, I'm a Lazy Mom is a bit deceiving. According to her site, a lazy mom:

The short and skinny of it is this... a Lazy Mom is a mom who doesn't do everything for her children, she teaches her children how to do things for themselves, thereby making her a "lazy mom."
She raises her children to be responsible for themselves.
She teaches them to be ready for life when they grow up.
She gives her children boundaries so they feel safe and secure.
She doesn't let them "rule the roost."
She builds within them a "team" mentality.
She takes care of herself so that she can be a better mom. 
She loves her children so she disciplines them when necessary.
She leads her children by example.See? I told you it was misleading. I think a mom who does all of the above criteria is anything but lazy. But a Lazy Mom is also a woman who:
Makes mistakes along the way.
Doesn't always …

Lazy Saturdays: What I'm reading

I think since school is out for the summer, I'm going to get back onto themed blog posts. Saturdays are a good day to have Lazy Saturdays and in this particular post, I will talk about what almost every other blogger in the blogosphere is talking about: Summer Reading.

I've actually had the pleasure of reviewing two books this summer. I am a member of Reader Spoils,  a website which introduces new authors to readers who are interested in reading their books. I'm always up for a good book and since I'm sitting on a very rough manuscript myself, I'm always interested in helping a fellow writer get the word out. So, in short, I jumped at the chance.
Stolen Soul: The Beginning by S. R. McDaniel is a supernatural-spiritual suspense story which combines the Left Behind series with the Da Vinci Code. The story begins with an interview of a world renowned Christian child psychologist who has discovered a gift in children who have been diagnosed with Autism. These children…

Eat Your Heart Out, Major Coffee Chain

Thanks to my wonderful Man Beast and my Rockin' MIL, I have in my possession, a Keurig. This machine, while initially pricey, is probably the best invention of all time! One might think that individually packaged coffees, teas, and cocoas, would be a waste of money. For those java drinkers who like drinking their Folders or Maxwell House, you would be right. However, if you're a gal (or guy) who likes a little variety in their life or has several caffeine drinkers with different tastes, I'd kindly ask you to reconsider.
Hot coffees, teas, and cocoas are great for winter, you say, but hello - it's 100 billion degrees outside! Yes, yes. It is hot. Which is why I ask you to behold:
The iced coffee - at a fraction of what major coffee would sell them. What you see here is an iced hazelnut with Splenda and 2% milk. If I were to break it down, I'd say it cost me maybe $1 (but probably a lot less). Keurig makes iced versions of their coffee favorites; they are supposed to b…

Cars 2: The Video Game

Does anyone else plan on buying (or at the very least, renting) the new Cars 2 video game?
Do a Google search for "Cars 2: The Video Game" and you'll get thousands of hits about the new game coming out this month!
There are a million games out there that gamers are going mad for, many of which require the user to log hundreds of hours of game time, contain questionable language, violence, and/or sexual situations - none of which I am the least bit interested in playing.
However, a good driving game, I can get behind! And I love game that are geared towards kids but are just as fun for adults to play. I remember when the Boy was much smaller, he and I used to play Lego Racers on the computer. As we drove along the track, we could pick up trick bricks which allowed us to (harmlessly) sabotage other drivers (many of you will recognize the game play if you play Mario Kart). This game seems quite similar except that it features some of our favorite four-tired friends.
While I hav…