Friday, June 3, 2011

Eat Your Heart Out, Major Coffee Chain

Thanks to my wonderful Man Beast and my Rockin' MIL, I have in my possession, a Keurig. This machine, while initially pricey, is probably the best invention of all time! One might think that individually packaged coffees, teas, and cocoas, would be a waste of money. For those java drinkers who like drinking their Folders or Maxwell House, you would be right. However, if you're a gal (or guy) who likes a little variety in their life or has several caffeine drinkers with different tastes, I'd kindly ask you to reconsider.

Hot coffees, teas, and cocoas are great for winter, you say, but hello - it's 100 billion degrees outside! Yes, yes. It is hot. Which is why I ask you to behold:

The iced coffee - at a fraction of what major coffee would sell them. What you see here is an iced hazelnut with Splenda and 2% milk. If I were to break it down, I'd say it cost me maybe $1 (but probably a lot less). Keurig makes iced versions of their coffee favorites; they are supposed to be more bold and robust. Perhaps. But since I'm not a robust coffee drinker anyway, a lightened version of my hot favorite suits me just fine.

On a hot day when the funds are a bit low, a homemade ice brew is just what your soul ordered.


***I was not compensated for posting this blog in any way, shape or form. I just like sharing the good things in life!***