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PSA for all New Moms: Do NOT Use Black Frosting - Ever!

Okay, so first, I'd like to apologize for the quality of this picture. For starters, it is 13 years old. Second, it's a picture of a picture, courtesy of my wonderful MIL who keeps everything (good thing, too, because it's obvious that up until recently I sucked at keeping anything!) TMB took this picture while he was helping his mother move into her new place...which reminds me, I need to get over there and help her!

Anyway, about this picture: This is The Boy during his first birthday. His favorite *thing* at the time was the WalMart smiley face.  You remember, right? Well, anyway, as a new mother, I got the stupid bright idea to make the cake and use black icing for the eyes and mouth.

This is a bad idea for so many reasons:

  1. The picture. First birthdays are notorious for being messy; why add to your clean up misery?
  2.  Black frosting stains - a lot! (See Point #1).
  3. Black frosting tastes disgusting! It is bitter and not the least bit palatable. I think The Boy's birthday guests were secretly glad he demolished it so that they'd be spared eating something that is supposed to be edible, but clearly is not.
  4. Is there anything less joyous than black frosting? Black frosting is reserved for unpleasant things, not first birthdays.
  5. Using black frosting for your eldest first birthday gives your extended family ammunition for years to come. Every birthday, every time a cake is served, my wonderful family is very quick to point out my baking faux pas.
I have since learned my lesson. I have made  21 cakes since that dreadful day and none of them have had black frosting on it. My cakes now have a lot of white on them.

So, please let this be a word of caution to all over zealous moms (and dads - no sexism here): USE BLACK FROSTING WITH CAUTION. You have been warned.

Until next time...


  1. And the same goes for blue and red icing/frosting.--and cute. Blessings

  2. Oh, I hit the send button before I finished..I LOVE YOUR NEW LOOK HERE. (did I mention that? I can't remember.)

  3. It's less embarrassing than some things I could be remembered for....

  4. @Linda, yes, you've said you like my look. I do, too. I {heart} my blog. I have a huge unveiling in a couple of weeks. I want to spill the beans, but I can't, so I will just trust that you will stay with me.

    @Ami, let's not even go down that road, m'kay?


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