Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Haiku Wednesday: Health

Join the fun!

Life has a funny way of working out. First, my rant yesterday about the media and its perception of health and now Jenn over at You Know...That Blog?, who hosts the Sensational Haiku Wednesdays, has created HEALTH as her topic this week!

Never one to follow rules (well,not much anyway), I've decided to make a Haiku story instead of just a Haiku. Click the graphic above to read more Sensational Haikus; tell them Iva sent you!

Oh! The dreaded scale!
Why do you torture me so?
Oh, look – chocolate cake!

Water, water every where
Twenty trips to the bathroom
Water, water everywhere

Protein, fats, and carbs
Too much! Too little! Just right?
Stop when you are full.

Stop! Stop the madness!
No more counting calories!
Stop! Live. Laugh. Love. LIVE.


  1. I like it although I can't empathise - I'm 6ft tall and 9and a half stone eating always. High metabolisms suck! Fun write though, I enjoyed reading it.,

  2. Oh I like this set of haiku. Fab! :O)

  3. Cute. I have never been good at writing Haiku's. Blessings

  4. So great to have you back!!

    You've hit the nail on the head with these - well done.

    Talk soon!

  5. Mahalo my friend for stopping by my playground. Much appreciated. :) I love your haikus. The second one is a riot and the last one...OMG how true. Very well done. Have a wonderful day :)

  6. Sometimes watching out for our health can drive us to distraction--or even madness! You have a lighthearted touch! :-)

  7. This was hysterical ... the last line being most excellent!

  8. Isn't that what's health about: life, love and laughter. Kudos!

  9. Love the first Haiku chocolate is always a distraction!

  10. What a fun post ~~ :-)

  11. @Andy, having a slow one is just as bad. Is anyone content with the body that God gave them? LOL

    @Madeleine, thank you. I love the first stanza the best.

    @Linda, you should try it. I suck at poetry and I can't even claim to be good at haikus..but they are challenging and fun.

    @Jenn, yup, I'm back; thanks.

    @Thom, thanks so much!

    @Magical, yes, please don't mistake my light heartedness for folly. I do take my health very seriously, but there is no denying that we bring a lot of misery on ourselves.

    @Raven, thanks. The first and the last are my most favorite, I think.

    @Edna, indeed it is. You can live, laugh, and love at any weight. It isn't about being thin.

    @Amanda, chocolate is indeed a distraction! This is why I try very hard not to keep it in my house.

    @Becca, I'm glad you enjoyed it.


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