Thanksgiving - Rock Band Style

Thanksgiving Day dawns bright and early for the Turtle Bunch. We venture out to Shoney's for a Thanksgiving breakfast where give our waitress an awesome tip (I pray it blesses her - after all, she did have to put up with us).

After I make the cranberry sauce, we head on to Red and Shellbell's house.

Man Beast drives..
I take pictures...
He looks mad, doesn't he? Or maybe he's tired of Mom snapping the camera in his face every five seconds? It's hard to tell with these preteens. They are so moody.

Baby Gurl - not picking her nose. I think she's picking her teeth. She's playing on her DS. Note the headphones. Do you notice a trend here? Whenever the Turtle Clan venture out together, the two in the back are typically plugged into something electric.
But they come by it naturally...
Here is our XM radio receiver. It is on The Man Beast's leg because he hasn't attached it to our dash. I kind of like it here...

Paybacks are...well, you know...Man Beast decides that I should get a mug shot, too...
I agree and eagerly play along...
No Turtle Outing could be complete without jamming to some tunes. We chose Buffett. Not sure if you can see it, but that's Margaritaville playing...quite loudly, tyvm...

This year was an experiment at Red's house - deep fried ham. Yes, down here in the south, they deep fry turkey. (Ever had it? It's delish!) Well, Papa Bear (Shellbell's papa) decided to try something new...he wanted to fry up a ham. Iva had never even bought a ham...I'm not sure they knew what they were doing when they asked me to buy it! But I did buy it. And he cooked it...

It is totally not turned out really well. So, next year, if Paula Deen decides to deep fry a ham on her Fried Thanksgiving Special, y'all be sure to remember where you saw it first.

All the Man Beasts (at last count there were four) were gently placed in the Man Cave (aka garage) with a TV, a Playstation 3 and RockBand 2. (What more could a guy want, right?) Observe...
My Man Beast (isn't he handsome...)
Shellbell's Man Beast, Red (Yes, he's sitting down while playing bass guitar. I've never seen a bass guitarist sit down, but hey, if it works for it, Red!)
Shellbell's brother - I think he sat there on purpose...the lighting was horrible! You can barely make him out...but trust me, he was there...playing drums...and singing...

And last (but certainly not least) is Papa Bear...a real bassist. Notice how he's standing up? Red should take notes...
Until next time...


  1. WAIT! HOLD THE PRESSES! Is that a Gator t shirt I see? In GA land, LOLOLOLOL--SORRY, you know I had to say something about that.

    Hey, great pics!!! TYVM for sharing.

  2. Yup, it is. Papa Bear is a Gators fact, all the Red clan is. As for the Turtle Clan? We don't *do* football - or Nascar. Our friends try to overlook the fact...LOL

  3. That ham looks interesting I've never heard of deep fried ham. Glad you enjoyed it.

  4. "Man Cave" was a term invented by the HGTV network. Find out the real deal at

    Be A Man.

    - The Founding Father

  5. Hey, FF - I don't care who coined's still a vital part of any married man to have a man cave. My Man Beast has taken refuge in our living room - not a trace of femininity in here...


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