Saturday, November 29, 2008

I [heart] DeDe's Donuts

DeDe's Donuts is a local donut shop here in SE GA. Do you see the collage? Let me explain what you're looking at (my apologies to my readers for not having y'all closer so that you could get the full experience of DeDe's).

Picture #1: Those are three filled donuts and two chocolate glazed - in a sweater box! These donuts are larger than my hand...and oh so delish!

Picture #2: Do you see that big honkin' cinnamon roll? My mouth is completely open and still I cannot bite down on the thing until I smoosh it down.

Picture #3: Think back to your childhood. Remember those plastic Tupperware plates? That orange thing in the third picture - it's a plastic Tupperware plate. The cinnamon roll (see Picture #2) practically filled the whole plate.

I've been in my city since Baby Gurl was four years old. For three years, I fought living here. Both the Man Beast and I hated living here. But eventually, the place grew on us. Sure, we have to drive an hour (about 70 miles) in any given direction to get anywhere, but this is where we call home. And we love it.

Of course, it's the local businesses like DeDe's Donuts that help.

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