Monday, July 21, 2008

Storms A Brewin'

Making this entry quick.  We've got a big pile of mess coming out way.  Oh, don't worry about me, Dear Readers. We'll be fine.  My area of GA seems to be a safe pocket.  It's the internet that doesn't like to cooperate.  Oh, and the power.  So, The Man Beast and I have set our cell phone alarms, just in case.

Here are my totals for today--

Woke up and stayed in bed until 9.  I took a shower, had a cup of coffee, ate breakfast and surfed the web.

At 10:30, the kiddos and I left for the bank.  After the bank, I paid a few bills.  I came home and spent about an hour on the computer paying more bills and balancing my checkbook.

I had lunch and did laundry at 1 and then spent an hour with the  Man Beast watching TV.  I then spent about an hour reading and then an hour checking emails.

Then it was time for meal prep.

We ate dinner around 7:30 and watched some more TV.  (I watch a lot of TV at night - internet TV - when the Man Beast is at home and isn't playing online).

Watched a lot of TV today...didn't spend a lot of time online.  Tomorrow will be the true test of how productive I'll be.

It's funny...knowing that I have to air my dirty laundry to all of you out there makes me want to be more productive.  Guess it's another aspect of Peer Pressure.

Go figure.

Until next time...

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  1. More productive yesterday. Hopefully a little more today.


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