Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Blog Banter and Other Ramblings

My day started out quite strange. I transposed my cell phone number, so when I went online to put more money on my phone (I use AlltelU), I actually ended putting it on the wrong account! After I realized my mistake (my time didn't add up on the screen and neither did my calling features - unlimited mobile to mobile and free nights and weekends), I got on the phone with Alltel.

Fifteen minutes later, I finally got through to a human. Of course, he had to make sure I was telling the truth, so he captured the last four digits of my debit card, the phone number I added minutes to (good thing I wrote it down) as well as the trace number. (He actually asked for the confirmation number, but I had already navigated away from that page so the best I could give him was my trace number).

Bada bing, bada bang, bada boom - success!

The kids and I leave soon after to go see Nanny McPhee at the free summer movie theater (a terrific movie. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it). We get out an hour and a half later and as customary, I turn the ringer on my cell phone back on. I notice that no one has called. I go home as planned.

Well, I get home and there are messages on my answer machine:

"You need to add minutes to your phone. Call me back."
"Hey, it's me. Iva ... pick up. Pick up, Iva. Where are you? Call me back."
"Where are you? Call me back!"

All from the Man Beast. I try to call him on my cell (free M2M, remember?) and it says that I don't have sufficient funds on the phone.

Well, why not? I added time this morning! (I frequently talk to inanimate objects. Sometimes, they answer back).

I use the house phone to call the MB up and tell him that we were at the movies. He proceeds to tell me to get my phone fixed.

Yes, sir.

Another fifteen minute phone call later, and my phone is now able to both make and receive phone calls. But really, I wonder why it didn't work - unless when the first Alltel guy forgot to reset my phone? When I *369, I get my balance...and it's a positive balance. Oh well. It works now, that's all I care about.
Have you checked out my blog roll lately? I'm slowly adding to it as I find blogs that interest me. Eventually, I think I'd like to neaten it up a bit so that my readers can go to other's blogs based on what interests them. (For example, I have friends' blogs mixed in with speakers' blogs mixed in with strangers' blogs whom I really enjoy reading). Maybe that's something else I can think about when I redesign my blog in December. (It goes without saying that if there is something that's 'weird' for you as a reader that you can most definitely shoot me a comment and I'll take it into consideration. Remember, what I see on my computer screen and what you see on yours might be totally different).

My blog roll is very personal. I don't just put women (and for now, they are all women) on there haphazardly. I'd say I'm pretty methodical in my approach:
  • She needs to post regularly (or semi regularly). I made the mistake of letting my blog go stale and people who used to visit don't visit anymore. I won't make that mistake again. I know I have readers out there who might actually look forward to and enjoy my blog - I can't let them down (especially since they're so hard to get!)
  • She needs to be family friendly. Since I went ahead and made the claim public, I need to stick to my guns. She can be opinionated and her views can differ from mine, but she's got to be family friendly. (A special note here: I cannot control what other people put on their blogs. There's a good chance that a family friendly blog might venture into territory that is uncomfortable for you or your family. Please use discretion when visiting the ladies in my blog roll).
  • She needs to have something to offer others. Whether she gives someone something to think about or posts a recipe, she's got to have something to offer. Obviously, since there is no way of knowing what my blog readers need to read (unless they tell me), I can't possibly offer up a solution to everything. Instead, I go by what I need. If you find something that you can use, great. If you can't, well that's okay, too.
  • She has to be funny and/or entertaining. I get sidetracked easily. If she can keep my attention, she's a keeper.
Anyway, I just felt compelled to share why my blog roll consists of who it does. When I'm able to divide them up in some way that doesn't completely clutter my blog, I'll no doubt add more. Expect to see a lot of writing blogs in the future as this is currently my focus at the present. I don't homeschool anymore, but a good majority of my blog ladies do, so if you do, you'll find something worth noting.

Until next time...

PS - Are my posts too long. Be honest.


  1. Yay for a post that can be commented on. =)

    Your issues with your phone reminds me that someone at AT&T owes me an explanation/resolution, if I ever feel like my heart is right enough to deal with it!

    After what you've said, I'm honored to be in your blogroll! I don't know how you found me, but I'm glad to be here. =) I just put you on my blogroll (not that I'm all into the reciprical thing) because I enjoy what I see here! I too don't put people on haphazardly, but pretty much follow the same guidelines you have put here. I love that Blogger now has the ability to sort them by most recent post, so that frequent posters are more rewarded!

  2. Oh, and on the question about the length of your posts, they are a bit on the long side (or at least longer than I'm used to writing myself). I try to stick to just one topic in a post simply because if the topic at the beginning isn't interesting to someone, they'll skip the post altogether.

  3. Thanks so much for your advice, Ronnica. I'll keep that in mind for future posts. :)

  4. Hi, nice to see you today!! Love ya!

  5. For one I can't comment on long blog post thing because I am the queen of the long blog post. I could just keep going and going.

    I love your blog roll. Without it I wouldn't have found Lisa's.

    Sorry about the phone. That had to be frustrating.

    And Nanny McPhee is a great movie.

    See, I am a long commenter too. Just call me Winday. lol

  6. I just love you the way you are, Iva. I enjoy reading your blog, I have no problem whatsoever with the length of it. I actually prefer it when ppl. do blog, no matter the length. That is the honest truth. Like you said, Meat & Bones, Meat & Bones. Blessings.


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