Sunday, July 20, 2008

Today was such a good day

Today, my church voted on its new youth pastor.  What made this day so special is that the youth pastor they voted on is my Sunday School teacher's son.  I couldn't vote, as I'm not a member of the church, but I was so happy I could burst.  I believe that Preacher Man-in-Training will do a fabulous job leading our youth.  And don't forget, The Boy will be 'youth' a year from now.  It's not something I want to really think too hard about, but it's nice knowing that there is such a wonderful guy leading My Guy in his Walk.

So, how'd you do today with your time challenge?  Obviously, the day isn't done, but I'll post my totals so far:

Meal Prep and Dinner: 3 hrs (we had wet burritos and I made the sauce and tortillas from scratch)
Shopping: 1 hr (I went to Walgreens and Staples and took advantage of a few back-to-school sales)
Reading: 2 hrs (I'm reading Nicolas Sparks' The Choice)
Computer: 4 hrs (between checking email, reading blogs and talking with Elizabeth)
TV: 2 hrs (The Man Beast watched the rest of My Big, Fat Greek Wedding with me and then we watched two episodes of ALF on Hulu)

The math doesn't add up, does it?ROFL 2Well, that's because I kind of multitasked.  But I counted it.

So, how did you do?  Let's hear those totals.  And let's see what Monday brings!


  1. Good job today on tracking your time. Gonna be exciting to see how we really use our time during the day isn't it?

  2. I blogged mine but, it isn't pretty. So, here is to hoping today is much better.

  3. I forgot the Mister Linky widget. Kindly link (if you want to)


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