Saturday, September 27, 2008

Open Seasame

Good morning, Dear Friends.

What are you doing this morning? Oh, what's that you say - you're not even up yet? I'm sorry. Is it too early for you?

It's too early for me.

But yet, here I am on the computer before 7 o'clock in the morning, on a Saturday, with nothing special to do.

Why oh why am I up?

The Man Beast of course. He was looking for clothes. And since I'm on a silly thing called a schedule, if I wake up around 6:30, I'm up around 6:30.

I figured since I was up, I'd take advantage of a rare, cool Georgia morning. I've opened up my front and kitchen door and I hear birds chirping as a cool breeze wafts through my house.

It's lovely.

Unfortunately, it's too lovely. The Boy and Baby Gurl have woken up before 7 o'clock as well.

Need I remind you that we have nothing special planned today? We could be in bed for another hour at least, getting our beauty sleep. Instead, we're wide awake.

I wonder if today will be a productive day?

Until next time...


  1. It seems like it was the perfect morning to wake up early :D

    Afterall, there is the pleasure of an afternoon nap that could balance this day just nicely... a book, a bed... a few munchies and you...

    mmmm... :D

  2. Hasn't the weather been great in the peach state? I love it!! We are airing out our whole house, but some little fly bugs are coming in with the great air!!

  3. It's so funny you should talk about a nap. I did indeed get a nap. But I shouldn't have...because I didn't leave the house to get grocery shopping done until 5:30 last night. I went to four stores and finally got home at 7:30. The MB didn't want anything I was going to fix for dinner, so we had take out Chinese (I think this is going to be our 'thing' now).

    The weather in the Peach State has been BEAUTIMOUS! I adore it! Even this morning it's very pretty. If the MB wasn't up, I'd probably be opening up the house. Instead, we have the air on. *sigh*

  4. On nights when my hubby doesn't work, we'll often have a really late supper. We're well into Autumn weather here. Last week I got out many blankets! We are seriously considering buying a down duvet for our bed, lol. So funny to read about your air conditioning!

  5. The idea of snow or jackets is so foreign to me, Birdy. I just giggle when I hear it considering we're still seeing 90 degree weather :)


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