Saturday, September 27, 2008

Open Seasame

Good morning, Dear Friends.

What are you doing this morning? Oh, what's that you say - you're not even up yet? I'm sorry. Is it too early for you?

It's too early for me.

But yet, here I am on the computer before 7 o'clock in the morning, on a Saturday, with nothing special to do.

Why oh why am I up?

The Man Beast of course. He was looking for clothes. And since I'm on a silly thing called a schedule, if I wake up around 6:30, I'm up around 6:30.

I figured since I was up, I'd take advantage of a rare, cool Georgia morning. I've opened up my front and kitchen door and I hear birds chirping as a cool breeze wafts through my house.

It's lovely.

Unfortunately, it's too lovely. The Boy and Baby Gurl have woken up before 7 o'clock as well.

Need I remind you that we have nothing special planned today? We could be in bed for another hour at least, getting our beauty sleep. Instead, we're wide awake.

I wonder if today will be a productive day?

Until next time...