Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Saturday Evening Post

(Is that considered a copyright infringement?)

Happy Saturday, y'all! I hope everyone had a great day.

I spent my day cleaning (of course). I actually got around to cleaning out my refrigerator today. It hasn't been done for a couple of weeks. There was nothing growing in it...but there were little drippings here and there.

I took the kids and the Boy's Friend to the park today. It was nice! It wasn't quite cool enough to open up the house, but it was nice. I didn't check the temperature, but I'm sure it didn't get any hotter than 85 today. Maybe it was because the humidity was low?

I took a video of my kids with my digital camera. I'm contemplating whether I should air my dirty laundry or not. After all, with the Back to School slide show, my crew looks calm and even tempered. I'd hate to destroy your illusions. But, on the other hand, it might just make you feel better, just like Saturday Mom Confessions makes me, as a mom, feel better. You know - to let you know that you really aren't alone (and no, as your friends, they really aren't just saying that).

I'll give it some serious thought.

I'll leave you with this blog. I don't promise that there is nothing offensive on the blog...but it sure is funny - if I baked more, I'm sure I could claim some of these train wrecks myself!

Until next time...