Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy July 5th

Believe by Ricki Mountain

I pray that you all had a fabulous July 4th! The Man Beast was off for the day, which was a nice treat for all of us. We didn't do anything, though, other than camp out at home. The MB and I are catching up on past episodes of Lost. We're in Season 3 -- so if you've watched it -- DO NOT give anything away. I'll comment after I've watched the last episode on Season 4.

Update on the housing situation: We are moving August 1st!2 Thumbs Up Of course, now starts the fabulous chore(s) of weeding through stuff that we really don't need, packing, cleaning and gathering up the first months rent while simultaneously paying off our that humongous electric bill. (But I have faith that it will all get done. I'm not sure how...but I have faith.)

The Man Beast went over my book publishing contract. Oh, I don't think I told you -- I submitted my book to a publisher and it got accepted!CelebratingWhile I understood the contract, I wanted MB's input and whether he thought it was a good idea or not. He read it and thought it was an excellent idea. I'll be emailing the publisher this week and hopefully, we'll get the ball rolling on Monday. This means, that by this time next year, I'll have a book, in physical book form, available for all the world to read!~w00t

Oh and a quick shout out to They offer free images to bloggers. Isn't that nice?