Monday, July 7, 2008

It's The Little Things

Life is in the details.

The laugh of a child. A hot bath. An Oreo cookie.

I spend a lot of time thinking in the shower (when I'm not chasing kiddos, cats or hubby out of the room) and this morning was no exception (the thinking part, not the chasing part). And it occurred to me that the little things really do make a difference.

Have you ever noticed how a crabby checkout person at the store can turn your whole day to ruin? But that same checkout person, smiling and pleasant, can have the opposite effect? Whether that person was grumpy or happy, they took the same amount of time to change your outlook.

Pretty awesome, huh?

I think the same thing applies towards us -- it's all about the attitude. And a little bit of the positive stuff goes a long ways.

Take for example a shower. Seemingly insignificant, 10 minutes in the bathroom can make a difference between feeling like a frump or feeling clean and refreshed. (Shaving legs is an added bonus. Ever notice how shaving your legs and putting lotion on after a shower immediately makes you feel more of a girl and more attractive?)

Add some clothes that flatter you and don't further the frump and you're headed in the right direction.

Add some perfume and some light, natural make up and you got it goin' on.

Why would you go through all of this trouble if you're a stay at home mom or you have no plans of going anywhere? Sure, it's nice for your husband. As much as he loves you, it can't be very motivating for him to come home to a woman who is still in PJ's, hasn't brushed her hair or even her teeth.

No, this is really for you. When you feel better about yourself, you're automatically happier. You might even be more productive. After all, FlyLady tells us all to get dressed all the way down our shoes in the morning. (We all know that I'm a FlyLady drop out, but this little bit of advice, like most of her advice, is very good. I usually just skip the shoe part. I'm still productive).

Work at home moms offer the same advice. If you dress like you're going to work, you'll do more work.

Same basic principle.

You should try it. Best case scenario: you'll feel 100% better about yourself. Worst case scenario: hubby wonders who you're dating while he's at work. Then you might just have to spend your otherwise productive time convincing him that this is for him...and mostly for you.

But that's a blog post for another time.


  1. Really great advice. I've noticed this myself - if I take the time to look better in the morning I usually feel better all day and will actually get stuff accomplished whereas if I stay in my jammies I rarely get much done at all.


  2. Great advice/post, ty.

  3. you are very right. i notice a difference in how i feel depending on when i take my showers in the morning. if i wait til late morning i feel very sluggish and not very protuctive. however if i take them relatively early in the morning i feel very productive and get more out of the day. weird how that works isnt it?

  4. Oh my Iva you are so right. I too often go through my days with out ever thinking that my attitude can make or break a person. Thank you so much for sharing this with me and helping me see this now. I am enjoying reading your blog they are inspirational to me as I am sure they are to others.

  5. I'm glad to see that my ramblings have hit home for so many of you.

    Remember, it really is the little things.


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