Thursday, July 3, 2008

Dentist Appointment *Update*

This will be a two-part post. I usually don't do them, but I decided to try something new...and who knows - maybe it'll work. Stranger things have happened.

Baby Girl has a dentist appointment today at 10 (or is it 10:30). Maybe I should call and double check in an hour?

If you remember, she chipped her tooth two weekends ago. I just pray that it's not too late to fix the damage. I'd hate for her to go around with a chipped tooth. She just looks...I don't know...funky. Like a street urchin running amok on the streets. That's what she looks like. Or maybe I'm just hyper sensitive to the subject and being overly critical.

That's probably it.

So, here it is a little past 8 and the kids are still in bed. I figure I have another 30 minutes or so until I have to wake them up and get them functioning.

It's hard to believe that July is here...but I'm ready for school to start. The kids are constantly bored. Constantly. Still no word on the house, but if we're able to get it, I think it's going to be great. There is 6 acres for the kiddos to explore -- boredom should not be a problem. The pond, however, might be. You see, the Kiddos do not swim and I'd hate for there to be an accident. But all in all, the good outweigh the bad.

I'm running on empty this morning. The Man Beast brought home a cafe late from Ellianos last night so that I wouldn't crash on him after the kids went to sleep. Oh, I didn't crash alright. I was up until 2 am on a caffeine buzz!

I read the latest issue of All You! and when I got to the back, I did half of the crossword puzzle. I haven't done one of those in years. I'm not great at them, but it wasn't as hard as I remember them being. Maybe I'm getting smarter?

I'm not sure if this will send out twice once I update this post, so be sure to come back around noon or so for an update on Baby Girl.

That is, if I don't fall asleep first.


Baby Girl got her teeth cleaned, got x-rays and got a fluoride treatment. Completely not what she was supposed to go in for. *sigh*

She goes back in two weeks to get the tooth fixed. Providing she cooperates. If not, she'll be referred to a pediatric dentist in Valdosta -- an hour away.

She better cooperate.


  1. Yeah, I know all to well about the dentist. We are so lucky here in Tuscaloosa County that we have a childrens dentist. He has been really great with Liam. And Liam in turn, treats him really well and lets him work on his teeth. They offer flavored laughing gas at no extra charge, so the kids who have a hard time, like my son,can relax. The nice thing is, all the kids are in the same room and he has like 8 chairs set up etc. Really nice hygenists too. I hope your daughter will get over her fear. (not exactly what I want to call it, btw.)Blessings, my dear friend.

  2. I hope she does well. Dentists are scary to me, I can just imagine how scared I was when I was little.

    They always have to make multiple appointments don't they? That is annoying.

  3. I don't know why they divided the appointments up...that's why I feel there was a miscommunication between the front desk and myself.

    I'll definitely be posting an update in two weeks.

    Just please keep her in your prayers.


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