Sunday, March 8, 2009

New Word Sunday: Tenacity

According to Merriam Webster online, the definition of tenacious is : persistent in maintaining, adhering to, or seeking something valued or desired.

For everyone else - the picture above is a great definition of tenacity.

Once again, I spent the majority of the day looking at blog options. I *might* use a designer. But until I make up my mind about that, I wondered what I could do on my own. Thanks the the Internet and Google (although I use Swag Bucks), one can find out how to do most anything - if one's tenacious enough.

I was.


This cool background that you see in the picture won't play well with Internet Explorer - and I have no idea why.

But since it's 10 o'clock Saturday night, I'm calling it a night on this blog business. There is always tomorrow (after a visit from the Coolest Woman in the World, of course).

On a side note, the Man Beast wants to get a tattoo - of a tribal turtle. (For me, get it - because my nickname both on and off the screen is TurtleMom/Turtle, respectively) Anyway...I did a Swag Buck search for tribal turtles and ran across this bit of information:
Many Natives refer to North America as Turtle Island, because their legends say that when the earth was covered with water, Turtle dove to the bottom of the oceans bringing up earth on its back so that the people could have a safe and dry home. Turtle is at home anywhere because it carries its home on its back. It does not become attached to places, for it is free to search for new opportunities wherever they may be found. When they sense danger, or are in uncomfortable and insecure settings, they withdraw into their shell, and are protected. If you have Turtle medicine, you value both the power of the earth, the waters of the earth, and the magic of the heavens, for Turtle symbolizes both the grounding quality of earth energy, and the magic of the mystical. Using Turtle energy can help you achieve real balance in your life and your spirit so that you don't get "stuck in the mud". Turtle's medicine includes a connection with the center, navigation skills, patience, self-boundaries, associated with the feminine, power to heal female diseases, respecting the boundaries of others, developing new ideas, psychically protecting oneself, self-reliance, tenacity, non-violent defense. Source: Crystalinks *

*P.S. While I do have Indian blood in me, I take as much stock in totems and their power as I do in astrology and the Chinese Zodiac: fun to read, but not much else.

Until next time...


  1. I like the new banner. It's nice. I'm just glad you don't have music on your blog. I've quit visiting new blogs because they have automatic music. I find it annoying but I'm old and cranky. ha ha ♥ ∞

  2. Thanks, girl. I used to have a music. I like music on blogs...but I want to be the one to start the music. Otherwise, it just bogs down the blog - at least that's been my experience...

  3. It looks good to me, but then I haven't changed anything on my blog in a couple months. Perhaps when spring finally gets here, lol.

    I am with you on the astrology and totems etc. Interesting to read, but I ain't planning my life around it.



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