Monday, October 13, 2008

All about themes

Several of my favorite blogs have been talking about themes. Oh wait...I've been talking about themes, too! As it happens, I would like to talk about the theme of my blog...and clear up any misunderstandings...and perhaps even give a few apologies.

First, I've noticed that I have quite a few new readers. Hopefully, through reading some past blog entries, you've gotten a 'feel' for me. As I mentioned in my Breast Cancer post, I don't take much of anything seriously, including myself. This blog pokes fun at a lot of things - mainly me. But I understand that some people might take it the wrong way or might even taken offense.

I can't possibly make excuses or apologize for everything that might possibly offend you, Dear Reader, so I'll apologize for the one and only thing I can apologize for - my ramblings. More importantly, all ramblings. As in, the word 'ramblings'.

An on-going theme to my blog is ramblings. If you look to the side of this post, you'll see a list of tags that I use to organize my blog posts. I call them ramblings, mainly because they are. If you look further, you'll see that that my blog is called 'Others' Ramblings'. This is no way cheapens or makes fun of your blogs. I find that more often than not, many of you have some pretty heavy things to say. I love reading them...which is why I've included them on my blog roll. But in keeping with the whole 'rambling theme', they are called ramblings.

But I hope you know that I know that they are anything but.

I just felt the need to clear things up. You know, just in case.

Until next time...


  1. Whatcha' talking about, Lewis? (from Different Strokes, maybe your to young to remember that show, lolol.)

    Iva, dear, no worries from me. I love reading what you blog about etc etc. BTW, I love your new look here. I love the new 3 columns you have. So much easier to read. And no, the Gator ain't changing hers to 3 column. lololol


  2. I like the look of your new blog.

    Linda I remember that show I used to go around saying that all the time when I was little.

    Iva, Ramble on with your Ramblings. I love reading them.

    Sorry that I haven't commented much, but, I have had comment block. lol

  3. You think I ramble? I'm offended!

    Okay, not really. I hadn't even thought to be offended. Until now, but no matter how hard I try, I can't be offended. Besides, I DO ramble...

  4. LOL, y'all are great.

    Linda, I remember Diff'rent Strokes. But I believe the line is 'What you talkin' 'bout, Willis?' (I watched a bit too much TV as a child).

    Bobbie, I love that you come visit. That means a lot to me.

    Ronnica...I don't think I've ever seen you ramble. But I'm glad I can't offend you...that's good to know.

  5. My ramblings are no longer included in your blog roll..... I know you are prolly still working on it, heehee.

    Anywho my ramblings are a bit fewer and farther between now that I have to dictate to my hubby much of the time. I wanna put up a funny pic of my hospital bed but I haven't gotten around to taking one yet.

    Love your ramblings, never been offended, just fyi :-)

    Take care and hugs to you and yours,


  6. See? You just have to remind me every now and then. I added you :)

  7. I hope my blog blubbering about what people like or don't like in a blog made you write this. It wasn't at anyone specific. I love your ramblings and your theme! I wouldn't keep coming back if I didn't!! Keep it up!!


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