Sunday, October 5, 2008


For the second time this year, my blog roll has disappeared!

I don't have time to 'rescue' it right now as I have to get ready for church, but if you were on my blog roll (or would like to be added to my blog roll) please leave me a comment.

[Goes off in search of that text file that had all of her goodies, mumbling about stupid computers, under her breath.]

Until next time...


  1. don't know if I was on your blogroll, but I like your blog, so you are welcome at my table too.

  2. Same here... I don't think I was on it... but you are on mine and I try to visit you every day! I hope you get it all worked out and don't have to stress about blog rolls!
    How hard is it to do the background and design on your site using blogger? I have wordpress... and I am afraid to upgrade so that I can design my site better - since I don't even know if I will be able to do it. I don't know what I should do. Any suggestions?

  3. Not fun at all to lose all those friends. This is why I use the Google Reader to keep track of blogs though I do still have a blog roll at my blog.


  4. Ditto (and a laugh: "Not fun to lose all those friends") to Elaine's comment!

  5. Hmm....this has not happened to me just yet..hugs dear friend.

  6. Thanks for the replies, y'all. Stinks that I 'lost' all my friends - LOL Luckily, y'all are only a blog roll away.


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