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The Great American Summer #coppertonewatermoms

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Summertime is in full swing down here in Georgia. Now that Andrea has left the building, the weather is back to its hot, humid self.

While many stay inside during the hottest part of the summer, the rest of us aren't going to let a little a-whole-heck-of-a-lot hot spoil our fun. In fact, Baby Girl and I will be participating in a week-long day camp in a few weeks.

You won't find any Wilderness girls here in the South! No, ma'am (umm, sir?). Down here in the South, the girls dig fishing, archery and camping. They like power tools and BB guns. In short, they like to get dirty.

But being rugged in the great outdoors does not include getting severely sunburned. So, in addition to sporting closed toed shoes, a hat and some insect repellent, our girls slather on the sunscreen.

This is why I was so excited to see the UPS man walking up my drive yesterday carrying my latest Coppertone Water Moms shipment  from Coppertone. Seven pounds of sun-protecting beauty. Take a look!

Looks like a great spread, right? It is! What you see are four different formulas to meet any need! Water Babies Pure & Simple™ formula is tear-free. Coppertone Kids™  is water resistant for up to 80 minutes. Coppertone Ultra Guard™ has a non-greasy formula, and finally Coppertone Sport™ which pretty much speaks for itself. In addition, Coppertone has graciously provided sunscreen sticks in the Waterbabies™ and Kids™ formula. These will be perfect for the faces :)

I'll be using all four formulas at camp, you can be sure! 

There are two things I hate about sunscreen: the smell and the stickiness/pour-clogging-feel. It makes me not even want to use sunscreen - but use it, we must, right? Well, if the latest statistics tell us anything, we should be bathing in the stuff! As a responsible adult leader, the last thing I want to do is subject "my girls" to harm. So yes, we will be wearing sunscreen. 

I like Coppertone sunscreen because it doesn't have that heavy, greasy feel and it doesn't smell. Is there anything worse than the smell of sunscreen? I mean, really. If I'm at the beach or at the pool, I expect to smell it, but if I'm just out in the sun, protected with sunscreen, I don't want to smell it. 200 girls slathered in sunscreen? Sensory overload!

I am very excited to use these formulas this summer. I will be slathering my girls (experts recommend that you apply a full ounce - about a shot glass worth - of sunscreen every two hours or so. FYI, this applies to all sunscreens, regardless of the brand). I doubt I'll have any left for my own family after camp, but if I do, I plan on taking it to the pool and the beach to give it a full workout. My goal: Empty all 12 bottles by the end of summer.

Challenge accepted!

Disclosure: As a member of the Coppertone® Water MOMS group, I receive product samples and promotional items to share and use as I see fit.  No monetary compensation has taken place and any opinions expressed by me are honest and reflect my actual experience.



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