Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Lazy Days of Summer

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To those of you who have yet to begin your summer break, I'm sorry. However, to most of us in the south, our summer has already begun. (If it's any consolation to you Northern folk, we start our school year during the hottest month of the summer - August. I figure in the end, it all evens out.)

As I peruse Facebook, I see that friends and colleagues have already started sending their little ones summer camps and various summer activities (VBS, anyone?). Other families aren't doing much of anything as parents have to work and bills have to get paid. The Turtle Clan tends to combine the two in what can only be described as a laid-back, controlled summer.

What does that mean?

Well, that means that we have a nice combination of planned activities and summer laziness. That means you'll see the kiddos relaxing on their beds, the floor, or the couch, reading books, playing outside in the water, or catching up with family and friends on Facebook. On other weeks, you'll see them involved in Girl Scout activities (yes, even The Boy aka Honorary Big Brother) or day trips.

We strive on routine. Except when we get bored with it. Then we like freedom. Until freedom becomes too much. Then we want our routine back.
Yes! No! Yes!
I am looking forward to this summer because I do enjoy the relaxed routine of the every day. I think summer time is a time to rejuvenate the spirit and have fun after working so hard during the school year. I have always enjoyed summer break, even as a child.

And I'm sure the fact that June is my birthday month has absolutely nothing to do with it...

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