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When Plan A Doesn't Work (and It Usually Doesn't)

Yesterday The other day, I discussed the challenge I accepted at work. The challenge that I failed learned to celebrate different goals reached. The challenge that was, quite literally, this side of perfect.

Gather around a group of women and their conversation will probably revolve around three main topics: how unhappy they are with their relationships, how unhappy they are with work (or someone at work) and how unhappy they are with some aspect of their body (namely, weight). Even when things are going well, a woman's weight is always (usually), at the forefront of her mind. And as a result, they want to find that "thing" that works.

Low FatLow CalorieLow CarbNo FatNo CarbNo SugarSugar-Free The list can literally go on and on and on. (I didn't even include more extreme measures like pills, cabbage soup, and juice diets (not to be confused with juicing - with real fruits and veggies - this is different).

The point being, if there's a "way" out there, mo…

This Side of Perfect: The Diet Edition

It's dawned on me that it's been awhile since I've talked about health on the blog. (Okay, so I know it's been awhile since I talked about anything on this blog!) I think it's time to change that up a bit.

So, around April (yes, I know it's been awhile), I learned about this challenge at work. Many of the teachers, paraprofessionals, and other staff were getting in on the action. My clothes had been getting too tight shrinking for quite some time, so I knew that this was just the jump start I would need to lose some pesky poundage. I signed up!

The rules were simple:

Pay a $10 entry fee.Loses the highest percentage of weight loss by the last day of school (in this case, May 24th).Winner takes all. Easy peazy, right? Just pay my dinero, lose some weight, and treat myself to a new haircut or mani/pedi combo for my birthday (coming up next week...just sayin'). Since I had only recently been back in the working world after taking a few months off to complete st…

The Great American Summer #coppertonewatermoms

Summertime is in full swing down here in Georgia. Now that Andrea has left the building, the weather is back to its hot, humid self.

While many stay inside during the hottest part of the summer, the rest of us aren't going to let a little a-whole-heck-of-a-lot hot spoil our fun. In fact, Baby Girl and I will be participating in a week-long day camp in a few weeks.

You won't find any Wilderness girls here in the South! No, ma'am (umm, sir?). Down here in the South, the girls dig fishing, archery and camping. They like power tools and BB guns. In short, they like to get dirty.

But being rugged in the great outdoors does not include getting severely sunburned. So, in addition to sporting closed toed shoes, a hat and some insect repellent, our girls slather on the sunscreen.

This is why I was so excited to see the UPS man walking up my drive yesterday carrying my latest Coppertone Water Moms shipment  from Coppertone. Seven pounds of sun-protecting beauty. Take a look!

Looks …

Lazy Days of Summer

To those of you who have yet to begin your summer break, I'm sorry. However, to most of us in the south, our summer has already begun. (If it's any consolation to you Northern folk, we start our school year during the hottest month of the summer - August. I figure in the end, it all evens out.)

As I peruse Facebook, I see that friends and colleagues have already started sending their little ones summer camps and various summer activities (VBS, anyone?). Other families aren't doing much of anything as parents have to work and bills have to get paid. The Turtle Clan tends to combine the two in what can only be described as a laid-back, controlled summer.

What does that mean?

Well, that means that we have a nice combination of planned activities and summer laziness. That means you'll see the kiddos relaxing on their beds, the floor, or the couch, reading books, playing outside in the water, or catching up with family and friends on Facebook. On other weeks, you'll se…