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Brave: A Movie Review
Yesterday, I got the chance to go see Brave, the newest movie from Disney Pixar, with my daughter's Girl Scout troop. The synopsis of the movie is very similar to most other modern-day Disney movies which feature a female main character: a princess who goes against the grain of what she is supposed to do and instead, does what she wants, only to realize the consequences of her actions. Merida's fate is to marry a first born son from one of the three surrounding tribes in order to keep peace among them. Her pickings are slim, at best.

So, she does what any hard-headed princess would do: she declares that she will win her own hand in marriage. (Yes, it confused her family and the surrounding tribes, too). And then she runs away. The sprites lead her to the cottage of an old wood carver and Merida, soon finds out she's a witch. She asks for a spell to change her mother. The witch warns her to be careful what she wishes for and soon, Merida regrets her wish.

Brave is more than just a movie about a rebellious teenager. This time around, I think Disney Pixar really got to the root of mother-daughter relationships and how incredibly fragile they can be. Merida wants to be heard; her mother wants Merida to realize that what she is doing for her is for - or what her mom perceives as - her own good. A classic mother/daughter struggle.

The movie had an incredibly slow start, in my opinion. I didn't really get "hooked" until after Merida storms off after the archery competition. From that point on, however, the movie not only picks up but really pulls you in.

Brave is a heart-warming story that reminds us that while we might change our fate, family remains the same; unwavering and steadfast in all of live's perilous adventures.



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