Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fireproof - a Review

If you all remember, I had a date with the Man Beast Friday night at church. The Sweetheart Banquet included a steak dinner as well as a movie - Fireproof - a movie neither the MB or I had seen.

I wanted to see it so badly. MB didn't want to see it at all. But being the awesome husband that he is, he went and sat through it, knowing I wanted to see it so badly.

I will give you both of our reviews - based on how I felt about the movie and what the MB said after it.

But first, let me give you the briefest of synopsis:

Caleb and Katherine's marriage is in trouble. After seven years of marriage, they've grown apathetic towards each other and their relationship. Pretty soon, the D Word is mentioned. Both want out - Katherine is feeling unloved and unheard and Caleb feels like he gets respect from everywhere except in his own house. Caleb receives a little help from his best friend, Micheal who has gone through some rough spots in his own marriage. Caleb's dad, John, gives Caleb a book - The Love Dare - and challenges him to work through the 40 day exercise.

The first 20 days are rocky. Caleb's heart isn't it and he expects Katherine to see his efforts and thank him for them. (Admittedly, after being scorned for so long, what woman is going to recognize feeble attempts of wilted flowers and a poured cup of coffee?)

Slowly, Caleb comes around when he realizes that the way he's been treated by Katherine is the way he's been treating his Heavenly Father. As he opens his heart to his Father, his love for Katherine genuinely blossoms into a real love.

But is it to late to save his marriage? Has Caleb left his partner behind one too many times?

I really enjoyed the movie. If you liked Facing the Giants, you'll like Fireproof. The film was obviously made by amatures (remember, it was made by a local church). Kirk Cameron (Caleb's character), out-shown the rest of the cast. I wonder if it wouldn't have been less obvious if Kirk was out of the picture completely? I don't remember the acting being so ... not-Hollywood in FTG. I might have to pull it out and see.

There were a lot of places where you chuckle out loud. There were a few places where your heart catches in your throat. And yes, if you are a crier, then chances are, you will cry.

The Man Beast's take on the movie was overall positive. He liked the message - although he thought that the message got lost with a bit too much back-story. He was also disappointed, I think, at the Hollywood-izing of the story. There is a pretty big twist at the end of the movie, that I never saw coming. The MB said he saw it because it was a modern day story - and there is always a twist during a modern day story. (I did predict the really big thing that Caleb did to help Katherine - I wasn't completely surprised at the whole movie. I'm not that naive.)

Over all - good movie. If you get the chance to go see it with your man beast, take the opportunity. If you're single - get some girlfriends together and go see it. I believe it's a movie that will benefit everyone whose open to receive it's Message: married, divorced, widowed and singles. (Side note: The Boy watched snippets of it while he was in the back, cleaning up. He said there were parts that he almost cried at, too. After the movie, we had a pretty good talk about how marriage is forever. It's a life-long commitment. It takes work - but if both partners are in it, it can work)

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  1. ☺ Awesome. (at least it sounds like it.) Blessings

  2. Sounds like a good movie. Thanks for the heads up! :o) ♥ ∞

  3. If y'all see it, I'd love to hear y'alls thought.


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