Friday, July 18, 2008

Tomorrow is decision time

I spent today working on the Time Sheets for the Time Challenge. I've got a few people willing to participate. A few I think are just scared. Or maybe they think it's a waste of their time. Please know that I appreciate everyone who is willing to do this with me. And for those who aren't, that's fine, too. But I pray you come and read up on my progress. Y'all keep me accountable. I need you.

You'll never guess whose blog I found tonight -- Beth Moore's! Of course I found it through a link of a link of a link, but the point is I found it! Anyone who has attended a Beth Moore study has been richly blessed by her teachings. You'll definitely want to check out her blog. It's on my blog roll listed as "Beth Moore".

Many people who blog on Fridays participate in Frugal Fridays. I certainly do not and after today's WalMart trip, I'd cause all my Frugal Friday bloggers to hang their heads in shame.

I went to WalMart for two things:
  1. Cool Blue cooler ice insert thingies
  2. Cat Food
That's it.

$30 later, I walk out with school supplies. Now, I have to point out that the school supplies I got were probably the best price I could get them for. What really put me over the edge was The Boy's 2" binder. $5!! He better get a lot of use out of that bad boy. (And don't think I won't be taking it back if I find it cheaper at Staples when I go on Sunday to take advantage of their 5 cent sale - I have some erasers to pick up.) I'm holding out for our tax free days for clothes shopping. I figure if I can hit Beall's Outlet, I'll be good to go.

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  1. Here I am again rambling back at you,

    Em turned three this month, another reason I have been so busy...

    Ramadan is about a month away, and with that my thoughts return to homeschooling. So many things I want to teach... so little time... I need to prioritize, and figure out what I want to do consistently on a weekly basis and some fun projects so we can reinforce learning is supposed to be fun and not a daily "chore", for now, lol.

    With my back problems cleans is whatever gets done for right now, lol.

    Ruqayyah/ Julie


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