Thursday, July 17, 2008

5 Minutes

In light of the Time Challenge that I posted about yesterday, it's kind if ironic that I write about Five Minutes. Let me first start out by saying that this post is not about five minutes. Oh sure, the title is five minutes and it might take me just five minutes to write this as I have dinner to make. But I have not spent five minutes on the sites that I am going to share with you. I could spend so much longer. But to save time, I have instead, subscribed to the news feed so that I might multi-task and just check email and be done with the computer. (Okay, in all actuality, since the computer is the great multi-tasker of its time - I can read, write, listen to music, stay in touch with friends and my pastor, all at the same time! - more time is wasted than saved. But that's a post for another time).

There is a term rolling around the Internet - web ring. Simply put, it's a directory of like-minded blogs. I like to hang out a Christian sites for women simply because...well, that's what I am. (It's also very important to me that no one ever be afraid to come to my blog with kiddos reading over their shoulders for fear of what they might see. Special Note: Christmas--all bets are off. You need to just keep the kiddos out of the rooms when we start talking about gifts. But generally speaking, my site will always be family friendly.)

Where was I? Oh yeah...web ring.

Through clicking through links of links of links (we've all been there!), I found:

Mom Blogs Oh happy day! Oodles of information! And it gets better. 5MFM has sister sites! (Are you giddy yet?)
Five Minutes for Parenting

Five Minutes for Books


Five Minutes for Going Green

Special Needs Blog
Five Minutes for Special Needs

Oh, ho-ney! If you can't find a nugget of goodness in one of these sites, then...well, you're just hard to please! (I suppose if you're a guy reading my post, none of the above sites might be of interest to you...but you just never know. Plenty of moms and women have gotten good advice from male bloggers...maybe it's time to reciprocate the favor?)

Okay, that's it for me. This has actually taken me ten minutes to post, not five.

See? Nothing is ever quick and simple for me.

Enjoy the sites. If you need help figuring out how to subscribe to them (if you choose), just let me know. I'll help. After dinner.


  1. You know, gotta love ya girl!! You indeed make me happy and giggly. I shall check out those links. (almost afraid to take the challenge,lol) Blessings♥

  2. Let me know what you think. I'll be adding permanent buttons to my side bar because you know, I have to make computer delinquents out of all of my readers LOL

  3. What a lovely referral!

    (Jennifer--from 5 Minutes for Mom and 5 Minutes for Books)


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