Monday, July 14, 2008

Stimulating the Economy

The Man Beast, the Kiddos and I stimulated the economy today; we received our stimulus check today. It actually served double duty because while we were doing our civic duty of stimulating the economy with our stimulus check, the Kiddos were able to eat a new food - won ton soup.

There is an awesome Chinese food place in town (we actually have two of them...well four total, but two that this family frequents). We usually just go there for lunch. (But only occasionally. We don't stimulate the economy much as we typically don't have a lot of money to do more than buy gas.) But today, we decided to go there for dinner.

When I first saw the prices, I wanted to high-tail it out of there. But then we ordered the food, (combo meals - three sweet & sour chickens and one chicken & broccoli with eggs rolls and our choice of soup - egg drop or won ton)I could see why it was a bit much. The food was a bit much. We ended up bringing home three doggy bags - well, boxes.

There wasn't just a lot of food, it was how it was served, that was most impressive. It wasn't quite family style (although it could have been). We each got one plate with our rice (a lot of rice! Probably two cups, at least!) and egg roll and then got a separate dish with our meat course (again, probably two cups). The soup, of course, came out first. At first, the kids didn't know what to think. But then they ate it. It's good, they said. Yay.

Of course, Baby Gurl didn't get the chance to finish hers before the main meal came out. I believe her eyes were as big as her plate. She munched a bit and pretty soon I heard the very sad, My tummy hurts, cry from my youngest offspring. Her tummy was full, but I think she figures she can get more sympathy if she says it hurts. And to be fair, it probably did hurt after eating all that food.

I jokingly told The Boy that we had to keep 9-1-1 on speed dial tonight since he tried a new food. Last time he tried a new food - mangoes - he ended up in the hospital with a bad case of the hives.

So far, so good.

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  1. Awesome news on getting your stimulus check. We all love Chinese food. smiles


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