Monday, July 14, 2008

I've Changed My Title

It happened quite by accident. I was just finishing up on posting about our won ton adventure tonight and commenting on Linda's reply to yesterday's post when I mentioned that I felt like my life with Christ was more like a horizontal yo-yo than a walk beside Him.

Something just kind of clicked. I asked the Man Beast what he pictured when he thought of a yo-yo in action: up and down or out and in (as in toward the body). He said he pictured it going up and down.


I am the horizontal yo-yo.
In movement as I ought to be, but not going in the right direction as I should be.

I should be more organized.
I should be more patient (both with my family as well as with my enemies).
I should move more.
I should eat less.
I should pray more.
I should read more - especially The Word.

Horizontal yo-yo.

It's actually a perfect analogy. So many bloggers have them and now I have one.

I realize that life should not be full of a shoulda, coulda, woulda - and mine isn't. But if I didn't strive towards something every day (the ideal being Jesus Christ), then I would get stagnant at best or become a lukewarm Christian (wife, mother, friend, person) at worse.

Welcome to my world. Enjoy your stay!


  1. ☺No, your not like a yo yo..I prefer to think of myself as Tigger. Bouncing up and down on his tail, I am. (did that make you smile and laugh.) I like the new title, although there was nothing wrong with the other one. I think that every person feels the way you do (myself) included..blessings my dear friend..♥

  2. I was in bed last night, trying to wind down when 2 Cor 12:9 came to mind. It just fit so perfect. (BTW, I did not know it was 2 Cor 12:9, it was just in my brain somewhere. So that I could go to sleep, I wrote down key words of the verse 'my grace is sufficient' and I looked it up this morning)


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