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A Line is Drawn

The Man Beast calls me today on his cell to tell me that he won't be home until very late.

It's up to me to make dinner.

There's only one problem -- dinner is fried chicken.

Fried chicken is the Man Beast's domain, not mine. And it seems, the children know this.

When they asked when Man Beast was coming home (they usually just call him Dad) and I told them he was going to be late they asked me, "Who's gonna cook dinner?"

Who's going to cook dinner? "I'm going to cook dinner! I am Mom after all. What are my blog readers going to think when I tell them this", I asked them. "I'll tell you what they're going to think -- they are going to think that I never feed you. And they actually have proof!"

It's time I 'fess up to you all right now.

I cannot cook fried chicken. And potatoes. Of any kind. But I swear to you -- I do cook for the kiddos and the Man Beast. Obviously the Man Beast is well fed. His mama fed him well and when we got married 11 years ago, she entrusted his nourishment to me. I promise I do feed my family. I really, really do!

I make a moral decision and decide that the kiddos cannot possibly wait until 10 o'clock to eat. They never eat that late...well, this week at least. No, this is something I have got to do myself.

Well, I did it. Cooked to perfection. Or so I thought.

As The Boy was putting his plate in the sink he asked, "Did you season the chicken at all?"

Obviously, not enough...


  1. It's alright, fried chicken is not my speciality either. They'll survive.:) (was it good anyways?)

    TY for the spell check tip. Good morning, needing to get around to go to church (and than I will come back and post on my blog).Have a blessed day..smiles

  2. Yes, I thought it was. The Boy commented that the crust wasn't thick enough. Just can't win for losing.

    Yeah, I need to get the kiddos up for church, too.

  3. Sorry to leave a comment here, but I couldn't seem to get a post to load with comments that was more recent. Maybe it's because of the Mr. Linky?

    As far as the crunchy stuff goes, I'm with you about only doing what's in it for me, though that's sad. I'm not going to pay more for something when I don't have to. I even looked into possibly taking the bus one day to Target/the mall. It would have taken a 40 minute trip EACH WAY, and it only leaves once an hour and like $1.50 each way as well. Sure, it would be better for the environment, but it increases the travel time 4 fold and wouldn't even break even cost wise.

    I'm curious (as to your current post)...why aren't you a member of your church? You don't have to answer it if it's personal, I've just been thinking a lot about the church (and will probably be posting something on it soon).


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