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I'm not one for drugs, but...

I have to say that this Diet Pepsi Max is outta sight!'s got MEGA doses of caffeine. And I dare say that if I didn't have it surging through my system, I'd be a walking zombie.

I got home, put in a load of sheets and made up a grocery list, picked up the kids, went shopping. Then I came home, started making dinner. I made my bed, put Lynne's sheets in the dryer and DJ's in the wash. Then I swept and mopped my kitchen floor and I'm getting ready to go make Lynne's bed and get her in the tub.

I will shoot in the kneecap the person who dare says that I have *just* a part time job. Bull puckey -- I have a part time job on top of a full time job of running a house. Hubby and I both work -- but all the household duties fall to me.

I'm thinking I might have to sit down with hubby and talk to him about the possibility of putting a load in the wash in the morning before he leaves for work. Or making the bed. Or doing up breakfast dishes. Or even turning off the lights.

He won't help unless I ask. Home has always been my jurisdiction and he's always been good about doing something when I ask. Well, I'm going to go about crazy if I don't have him doing the little stuff...just getting things started will be a huge help.

I'm going to have the kids pitch in more, too. Everybody 'works' now -- so that means everyone helps around the house.

So says I


  1. Um, I think you know what a Diet Coke Addict I am, but after reading this post, I have to say that maybe I SHOULD try that Diet Pepsi crud...if it gives you that much energy, wow...couple that with my two cups of coffee in the morning and I would be rockin' and rollin' all day long! LOL

  2. It has extra caffeine and ginseng to boot. If that doesn't get you off and running, nothing will, gf!


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