Friday, June 15, 2007

Why Honky Tonk?

Honky Tonk is what my husband calls my music. To him, it's the standard country-western sob story of the wife leaving her husband for his brother, taking his truck and his dog. But modern country is so much more! To me, modern country is the music of the people: political and social and I like that.

Music has to speak to me. If it doesn't, I won't listen to it. What you hear in the background is the music I'm listening to at the moment. Some of it's fun, sure...but most of it is about social issues. My current favorite artists are Taylor Swift (a cute little teenager who sings about what she knows, which is refreshingly honest) and Rodney Adkins. Included in my song list is Kelly Clarkson (who is not really country), Trace Adkins (are they related?), Brooks and Dunn and Josh Turner. I have tons more, which I'll probably end up adding later, but I thought I'd comment on these:

Teardrops on my Guitar (Taylor Swift) -- Who doesn't remember their high school crush? It was innocent but it consumed so much of our time!

Tied together with a Smile (Taylor Swift) -- Any woman who has ever been a people pleaser in high school can sympathize with this one. (Remember, Taylor herself is just a teen, so her first album deals with a lot of high school issues).

Long Black Train (Josh Turner) -- This was the very first song I heard when I first heard of Josh Turner. The video mesmerized me. I highly recommended jumping over to You Tube and looking it up. The song talks about the long black train (bad decisions or Satan, depending on which school of thought you come from). His voice is amazing.

Believe (Brooks and Dunn) -- This is another secular song with a Christian message. I'm Christian so a lot of these songs that deal with issues of this matter really appeal to me. I love that it's a casual type song. I love that the boy in the song goes to an older neighbor to get wisdom. It seems we don't do that much anymore.

My Little Buckaroo (Rodney Adkins) -- This just makes me smile as a mom, even though the song is about a father and his boy. Our children pick up so much from us; good and bad.

If You're Going Thorough H*** (Rodney Adkins) -- Another secular songs that kind of speaks to me. I know it's not meant to be taken as I take it, but it's a reminder that our troubles are rarely permanent and if we can just get through them, we'll be fine. Of course, the word pictures Rodney uses in this song makes me smile -- let's hurry up and get out of this before the devil gets after us and gives us even more trouble! LOL

Hot Mama (Trace Adkins) -- A fun song pure and simple that reminds me that my husband loves who I am and doesn't necessarily want what I was but what I am. It reminds me that women do indeed age like fine wine; we only get better with age.

Because of You (Kelly Clarkson) -- Not country one bit but kind of reminds me about bits from my growing up years. It's not a positive song. It's not uplifting. But it just resonates with me. A lot of songs are like that for real reason why I like them, I just do.

Music has always affected me. In church, when I sing, I get shivers up my spine. When I watch a movie, music carries me through the story, be it a love story, a drama or a horror.

Of course, when I'm not listening to my music, I'm listening to Radio Disney and, here lately, the kids' CD from VBS. LOL

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