Monday, February 4, 2019

Guess Who's Back (Back Again - Tell a Friend!)

Hello, friends. Long time no type, eh? I know. I know.

It seems like at the start of every year, I spend the first couple of blog posts apologizing for not writing more frequently. (Assuming that 34 readers I have are still reading, that is. You are all still out there, aren't you?) For real, please comment below so I know the comment feature is working. Even if it's just a "Hey! Happy Monday!"

So, yes. Let me begin by apologizing for not being consistent in my writing. I really have no excuse. Not really. I could say life kind of got in the way (it did). I could say that I was too busy (I was busy, but not *too* busy). Now, friends, if I were being completely honest (and I always am), I wasn't putting priority on my writing.

And there it is. The ugly truth.

And I could whine and moan about how life is just too hard and it's too hard to write, but that wouldn't be entirely truthful. Sure, life *can* be unfair and yes, it is hard to write. But it's harder to write when you're *not* writing. Which is what I wasn't doing. So of course I thought it was hard.

And a small part (okay, maybe a large part) of me was (is) afraid of failure. But as I was sitting down in my planner today, mapping out the month of February, I made a promise to myself. And that promise is: I'm just gonna do it. Whatever it is I've been meaning to do and putting off doing, I'm just gonna do it.

But it's not enough to say you're going to do something. You actually have to plan for it (you knew that, right?). So, I sat down tonight and planned for it.

I use another person's blog schedule to slowly get into the habit of writing mine.

And this will be the first one of the month. Another one will come out in two weeks.

Why so far apart?

Because while I would love to go in whole hog and write every day, I am interested in developing a habit with quality writing - not junk thrown onto a screen just so I could say that I published something. (Admittedly, this piece is probably a little junky because I am trying to throw something up on the screen to get this published Week 1 of Month 1 (That's the first week of February. And I figure - why not publish on Monday? So here we are).

You'll get two blog posts per month from me to start. It doesn't seem like a lot, but it's a lot more than what I have been publishing!

So, slow and steady wins this blogging race. I'm more interested in getting into the habit of writing and building my readership than going all-in. I could go all-in. But I know me. I would fizzle out within a month and then feel worse about not writing than I do right now.

So, here is to a fabulous Monday to you all.

Until next time,
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