Tuesday, June 12, 2012

God is watering His flowers

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When the kids were little, I would tell them that when it was raining,  God was watering His flowers. God has been watering His flowers a lot lately down here in Southern Georgia! I don't think a day has gone by over the past week where it hasn't rain at least somewhat.

Oh, the rain is fine by me. Aside from Girl Scout activities and various doctors appointments, I don't have a whole lot going on right now. I've been catching up on the house cleaning as well as some long-overdue Netflix movies. The kids, however, are a different story. They have had to get creative with their time since TMB and I have limited their screen time. But they are managing just fine being the resilient children I know they are.

The rain can be a damper (pun intended) when you're starting a new exercise. Taking walks around the neighborhood is a you-against-nature adventure as you brave fierce summer storms. Running will only get you wetter. (Really, Mythbusters proved it!) There's always the gym. Just hop in the car, drive down the street where treadmills, step climbers, various machines, and free weights await.

Of course, if you're a little low on funds, you have to get creative.

You can always create your own exercise routine: sit ups, push ups, squats, and jumping jacks. This is free and uses your own body weight: win/win. But, what if you can't do a sit up or push up? What if squats and jumping jacks really hurt (and not the PE-in-high-school hurt where you would try anything to get out of running that mile)? We can't all be Sherman Klump.
Thanks to a friend of mine, I discovered Leslie Sansone's Walk At Home program. She is a bit of a mix between Richard Simmons and Tamilee Webb from Buns of Steel. Leslie's Home walking program involves just four basic moves and her workouts range from a beginner's one-mile workout to an advanced 5-mile workout. The 3 Mile Power Walk that I'm currently working through includes hand weights for a brief upper body workout.

This workout is perfect for someone who is a beginner or who has the aforementioned knee problems. Or for someone who might be stuck at home by choice or by chance. I also like Leslie's DVDs because they are easily customizable. After completing a 3 mile walk, I could easily go back and add another mile or two (or three!) I'm a long way from a six mile workout - but it's there if I want it. I also recently discovered that Leslie has audio (tapes, cds, and mp3s) workouts so that when I'm ready, I can take a walk outside.

These walking workouts might not be for everyone. But Leslie Sansone does for people who want to lose weight and get fit today, what Richard Simmons did for people back in the 80s - she gets people moving. There aren't any complicated steps to learn or memorize. I have no rhythm. None. I can't dance. Not at all. But I can do a Leslie workout. And every day gets a little easier.

One day, I hope to get to moving outside. But until it dries up and cools off a little bit, I'll be walking in my living room, working up a sweat.

Tomorrow, I will share what I'm eating in my quest to get healthier.


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