Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Catch a Wave

With the right curve, you can avoid wipe outs.
Here in GA, school has been out since the 15th. The Boy had been doing K12 and was "in" school up to the 21st (we have decided to put him back into a brick and mortar middle school). I had surgery early in December and have been on medical leave since then. Basically, life has been one, long veg-fest. We've been staying up late, sleeping in late, eating late...basically, everything we've been doing has been bumped up a couple of hours. But this time is over.

Tonight is the first, official Girl Scout meeting of the year. Tonight, we also kick off Girl Scout Cookie Season. That's right; in just a few weeks, you'll be seeing rosy-cheeked cherubs help you break your New Year's Resolutions. (Tip: We take donations and we use those donations to send cookies overseas - our soldiers need the little comforts of home. You can help. Your waistline will thank you.)

Tonight also means that baths get taken on time and bedtimes are adhered to because tomorrow, bright and early, the Turtle Clan will be wide awake and ready to start a "new" year. Parents know that after Christmas break, the school year seems to fly by. As a parapro, I can say that the rest of the school year will be one deadline after another. It will be May 21st before I know it and Baby Girl will be "graduating" to sixth grade and The Boy will be heading to the high school. This will also be my last year working as a para before I quit to student teach next fall. Yikes! Stop this crazy roller coaster; I want to get off!

Okay, not really. Change is good. (Have you seen the new Lion King in 3D? You should). Change is also inevitable. We can't grow without change and we can't take all the good things that life has to offer without change. Sometimes change is painful. Sometimes change is emotional. But change is coming, like it or not. It is better to accept it for what it is and ride with it. But, are you a roller coaster enthusiast or a surfer? When you ride life like a roller coaster, you have no choice but to go where the ride takes you. This is life living you instead of you living life. But a wave is different. While  you still can't control the wave (and if you're not careful, it can drowned you), you can control your moves. So, that instead of the wave wiping out, you ride the wave through. And what a wave it can be!

Cowabunga, dude!


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