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Lazy Saturdays: What I'm reading

I think since school is out for the summer, I'm going to get back onto themed blog posts. Saturdays are a good day to have Lazy Saturdays and in this particular post, I will talk about what almost every other blogger in the blogosphere is talking about: Summer Reading.

I've actually had the pleasure of reviewing two books this summer. I am a member of Reader Spoils,  a website which introduces new authors to readers who are interested in reading their books. I'm always up for a good book and since I'm sitting on a very rough manuscript myself, I'm always interested in helping a fellow writer get the word out. So, in short, I jumped at the chance.

Stolen Soul: The Beginning by S. R. McDaniel is a supernatural-spiritual suspense story which combines the Left Behind series with the Da Vinci Code. The story begins with an interview of a world renowned Christian child psychologist who has discovered a gift in children who have been diagnosed with Autism. These children, Dr. Matthew Reiber has discovered, are able to communicate with others through transference and telepathy. Dr. Reiber believes that not only can science and faith co-exist; they should.

The story unfolds into a dark background, spanning over 30 years, that eventually connects the past with the present. Preacher, a serial killer who uses Christian propaganda to control others, eludes police at every turn. Eventually, FBI Agent Travis puts the 30-year puzzle together to corner Preacher and end the murder spree.

The story is quite short (just 128 pages). Truth to tell, I would have loved to see McDaniel develop his characters more fully; I only got a "taste" of the characters when, deep down, I feel there was more to learn about them. All in all, I'd recommend the book for a quick read (I read it this past weekend when we went up to Atlanta to watch the Braves game).

I look forward to McDaniel's newest book in the series: Like a Thief in the Night: Stolen Soul Book II which comes out later this month. To learn about Stolen Soul: In the Beginning or the second book in the trilogy, visit McDaniel's website.


  1. I like the idea you have. I can't wait to read all about your new reads and other ideas you have. Here, not so lazy, that is if you include going back to Walmart, forgot to pick up some stuff for VBS. And tons of laundry. Seems, since running the business, everything else gets left behind. Blessings

  2. It is definitely a balance. I'm not entirely sure how women bloggers (who make full-time salaries with their blogs) do it. Surely they are taking care of the house, children, husband, and dinner; right?!?

  3. Just last weekend I read Heaven Is Real. It usually takes me weeks to read a book, but this one had short chapters. We had talked about this book during lunch at school, and we all wanted to read it. I bought it, read it, and passed it on. It is a true story of a little boy who saw Heaven and Jesus during surgery. It was very interesting.

  4. My MIL wants to read that book. I'm trying to get my hands on it at a good price.


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