Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cars 2: The Video Game

Does anyone else plan on buying (or at the very least, renting) the new Cars 2 video game?

Do a Google search for "Cars 2: The Video Game" and you'll get thousands of hits about the new game coming out this month!

There are a million games out there that gamers are going mad for, many of which require the user to log hundreds of hours of game time, contain questionable language, violence, and/or sexual situations - none of which I am the least bit interested in playing.

However, a good driving game, I can get behind! And I love game that are geared towards kids but are just as fun for adults to play. I remember when the Boy was much smaller, he and I used to play Lego Racers on the computer. As we drove along the track, we could pick up trick bricks which allowed us to (harmlessly) sabotage other drivers (many of you will recognize the game play if you play Mario Kart). This game seems quite similar except that it features some of our favorite four-tired friends.

While I haven't played it yet, I do look forward to it. From the trailer, it looks like everything us "casual gamers" (read: not-spend-hours-in-front-of-a-screen) are looking for.

***Sharing of my opinion gives a chance at a BuzzAgent giveway for a free copy of the video game.***

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