Sunday, January 11, 2009

I Get By With a Little Help from My Friends

Y'all, listen up. I need your help. My dear friend and blog mentor, Susan, needs your help. She is in the running for Best New Blog. There is 24 hours left and she could really use your votes. But first, let me tell you a bit about Susan.

Susan heads up Raisin Toast, a Cat blog (personal blog), where she talks about the every day occurrences in her life. She is also a kick butt painter. And her blog? Yeah, she's learning how to put it all together and she's come a long way. I predict that by the time we ring in 2010, she will have taken her blog leaps and bounds above what it is now (and it's pretty smokin' now).

Okay, enough is enough. Go check her blog out and then give her a shout out by voting for her:

And, if you feel so inclined, give her some bloggy love by posting the voting link on your blog.

Until next time...


  1. Did it. Now I'm going to go check her out.

  2. Thanks for sharing
    Best Regards from Turkey!

  3. Well, I'll be daggone. You little stinker. I had no idea you did this for me. Thanks! I only got trampled by about 15,492 votes, but who's counting? laugh. laugh. Hey! But I'm still in the running for "Best Blog about Stuff" at the Bloggers Choice Awards for anyone who wants to cast a vote, where I'm still hangin' on to the #1 position - but I guess that's because I really do talk about a lot of "stuff" don't you think? By the way, Iva, I had to remove the picture of Bob in his shorts and suit jacket. He frowned on me for that. Oh well. I thought it was funny. Your comment was funny too.



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