Saturday, December 13, 2008

How'd You Get Here

It's that time again, friends - How did you get here: Top Search Inquiries for Getting to Horizontal Yo-Yo. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Yo Iva - I have a good friend, Taxi, who lives in NC and calls me Ivuh (you know, because she's cool like that). And I can totally hear her calling me from across the room, "Yo, Ivuh!" like she lives in Brooklyn. Seems to me that the four people who searched though, missed the mark just a bit. Y'all - it's Ivuh, not Iva. Get right right.

Paula Deen Deep Fried Ham - Okay. This is just freaky. Has Paula done a ham? And here I thought we were the first.

Yo Talk - Yo talk. I listen.

Zicam Swab Reviews - I suspect when people see something on TV that sounds too good to be true, they come online (a truly authoritative resource) to get the 411 on a product. I know I do. I just hope that my review was beneficial to those who searched.

Day Late Dollar Short Blog - I think what they were looking for was this, but I'm glad they stopped by, anyway.

School Room Pictures - Still my most popular search. As many of you know, I used to be a homeschooling mama before I put my kids in public school and started to teach. How to set up your school room seems to be one of the questions on other homeschooling moms' minds. If you'd like to see how we set up our classroom, feel free.

Paid Programming Cable Hair - All because I listen to paid programming in the morning.

Happy Thanksgiving with Yoyo and - And what?!?!

Coed Shower - Wedding Baby - This sounds a whole lot dirtier than what it was intended. I'm sure.

Dosey Dough - What is dosey dough? Is it an actual yeast dough or is that square dance move?

Whatwould Be With Out a Yoyo - Taking creative liberties here: yes, where would you be without Horizontal Yoyo?

How yo Become Shorter - Why would you want to?

I've Never Had Someone as Good for Me as Yo - Aww, thanks.

Pregnant Woman Horizontal Rest - I know it's been a good seven years since I've been preggers, but I don't remember resting any other way but horizontal. If there is a new fad out there, please let me know - my soon to be sister in law is preggers with my brother's first kid -- if there is something new out there, she should know!

A Little Peace of Heaven Clean - Oh how wonderful that would be.

Band Style Him - Him who?

How Many Times Did the Lightbulb Fail Before Edison Got It Right - Maybe we should ask Mr. Owl.

Horizontal Blog Roll - I've never seen a horizontal blog roll. Have you? Mine is vertical. I like it that way.

Is Believing in God Harmful or Beneficial - The way I see it, not believing is the real issue. Yes, Virginia, there is a God.

Until next time...


  1. little comment on my blog, about searching, has a affect on you, ROFL. Love ya Iva darhlink. lolol (heavy on the accent,lolol)

    Hail to the Cookie Queen! (you don't think I am going to let hubby live this one down, do you?)lolol

  2. No! LOL It was just coincidence - honest. Truly, I figured it had been a while since I had checked to see how people got to my blog. It just coolly coincided with YOUR blog post. *Honest*

  3. I was teasing. LOLOL. All I know is that, I have yours (and others) saved in my favorites and my blog.

  4. Horizontal blog roll? LOL I can't imagine how the layout would look. Besides, I'm all for staying vertical as long as possible. :D

  5. Yeah...I'm liking the vertical, too.

  6. "Coed shower" has two entirely different meanings, doesn't it?

  7. Well, in MY blog, a co-ed shower is a BABY SHOWER. Luckily, all my regular readers totally know that...and those that happened to stumbled upon me...well, my apologies. LOL


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