Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday Reflections

As I sit at the Man Beast's computer, I hear nothing but the gentle whir of the hard drive, birds chirping outside and my perpetually running toilet (I must get that fixed - and soon).

All around me, sleeping bodies rest blissfully unaware that the sun is shining bright and the blue sky is cloudless. Today, is an extra treat as there are more than just three sleeping bodies in the house.

The Boy is actually not sleeping. He's holed up in his room, singing (quietly) and playing Legos.

The Man Beast is sleeping in the Love Cave and Baby Gurl is contently snuggled up on the bottom bunk of her bed, blissfully unaware and (hopefully) dreaming wonderful things.

Little Red (Shellbell & Red's youngest) is asleep on my sectional sofa in my living room. He's covered up with just a blanket (no pillow) with his cute little feet sticking out and his head, mysteriously missing. (Do you think Shell will get mad that her boy lost his head in my couch?)

Miss Priss is in the den. She may or may not be asleep. When I went to go make my coffee, she followed me into the kitchen. After a hug from Miss Iva, she went back to the air mattress on the floor and snuggled under her blanket. (It's a chilly 48* here in the south and the Turtle Family doesn't have the heat on so it's a bit chilly for us southern folk).

Shellbell and her husband, Red are also asleep in the den on an air mattress (not Miss Priss' - this one is slightly bigger, but only just).

Oh how I would love to post pictures! But you see, I don't have Shellbell's permission and having a camera flash in their face might potentially wake them up...and you see, I don't want them mad at me. Especially since I'm pretty sure they went to bed after me (and I went to bed at midnight).

No, I will let my family and extended family rest in peace (well, figuratively speaking) while I finish this post, hop in the shower and head myself onto church to teach fourteen preteens. Or try to, at least.

In these trying and uncertain times, where gas prices fluctuate daily and one almost has to take out a small personal loan to put food on the table, it's nice to know that there are some constants: our God and our family.

And I'm thankful for both.

Until next time...


  1. Wow, you sure have a house full!


  2. You still have birds singing?!?! All of the birds have fled us, probably ending up around you, lol. It is in the low 30's today and we will have frost for certain tonight. And possibly the "S" word, eeeeeKKK. Ah well all things must change (unless you live down south :-P) As I recall when I lived in AL for that short amount of time, the leaves had just barely turned when we headed north at the end of Nov from our love cave, heehee.

    Hugs to you and yours,


  3. Down here in GA, we have birds singing all year long. Didn't really think much about it...but you're reminded me that I must not take anything down here for granted.

  4. Iva - glad you got a few peaceful moments before the start of your busy day!

    I used to teach the teen girls class at our church. I know how frustrating it can be - but also such a blessing!

    And I can't imagine not having birds at my feeder!! Yes, we should be grateful!

  5. Long time no blog, I hope all is well with ya'll.

    Take care,



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