A promise is a promise

I come bearing pictures! Lots of pictures! I've included a slide show of Baby Gurl's 7th birthday...day. (It really wasn't a party. I should have gotten pictures at Ryan's and Claire's, but I didn't...)



  1. What's going on with the bread (or maybe a sandwich?)? It looks like she's an evil chef about to make a poisonous sandwich for her arch-nemesis! Haha.

  2. LOL...it's a peanut butter sandwich...and I think she was cheesing it up for the camera while brother was taking pictures...but then again, maybe it's really BROTHER who is the evil chef. LOL

  3. I think she had a very good birthday.I am glad we could be apart of it.I don't know who had more fun in the arcade the kids or us!!!!Can't wait till November when we will have to do it all over again!!!

  4. Oh...the parents by far! (Girl, you don't EVEN want to know how much we spent this weekend. I almost passed out).

    It was fun and I can't wait until November!

  5. The pictures are great!! I love them. Especially the silly one!! I love pics like that. Looks like she had a great birthday.

  6. TY!! I love the pics! TY for making me smile, it was really nice talking to you yesterday. TYVM for helping with the blog. I LOVE YOUR NEW LOOK HERE!!!! BLESSINGS.


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