Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Guilty Pleasure

Guilty Pleasures. Everybody has one. A year ago, I revealed that my guilty pleasure was South Park. You'll be glad to know I've moved on to bigger and better things:

Guitar Hero III

Yes, I confess: I like video games. My favorite currently is Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. My band name is The Ivanators. Lame, I know. *sigh* I just cannot help myself. For those who are not aware, Guitar Hero is a game where you play a guitar as notes scroll down the screen.

Here is my other guilty pleasure:

Rock Band
Rock Band - very similar to Guitar Hero except that instead of just Mom playing, she pulls in the Man Beast (drums), The Boy (vocals) and Baby Gurl (bass). Quality family time.

Why would someone like me play games like these?

Because everyone wants to be a rock star!

Well, I want to pretend that I'm a rock star (without the booze and the wild life). I just like to belt out some B-52s, some Bon Jovi or some Lenard Skinnard.

Just for awhile...just for a bit. And usually, just on the weekends.

After all, who has time for games during the week?


  1. oooooooooo....son and I want that for Christmas..but doubt we will get it. Looks like fun. Blessings

  2. My family would love to get a Wii for Christmas...who knows maybe I will get them all one just so I can get more quiet time in my room. :D

  3. Quiet time sounds lovely.

    Linda, y'all should come over here and play. I don't need to give you directions - simply follow the very loud noise. LOL!

  4. I am thinking about getting the boys RockBand for Christmas this year, they have Guitar Hero, and I tried that ONE time...it said I FAILED almost immediatly...so I gave up, yes, I'm a quitter, LOL

  5. When I first started playing, I started on easy and did HORRIBLE. It's only now, almost a year later, that I'm able to play half way decent on medium. The Man Beast? Yeah - he's playing hard and expert. The jerk butt. LOL


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