Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Mid-Week Post?!?

Yes, believe it or not dear readers, I am doing a mid-week post on Yo-Yo. I'm doing it because I have time to do it.

Would you believe that my house is as clean now as it was on Saturday after I spent four hours cleaning it? It is. It's really kind of weird how it happened, too.

I just did it - I stayed on top of things.

Last night, while the Boy was doing long division with decimals at 10 o'clock last night, I was folding and putting away that day's clothes.

Now, to some of my readers who keep immaculate houses or at least keep up on their chores, this is a big "Duh!" from you, I know. But for those who are like me and never seem to be able to keep anything clean for two seconds, I will show you how.

Just do it.

Don't self-talk yourself out of it by saying you're too tired. (I know you do because you're like me and I do.) Just get up and do it and you'll find that it doesn't take as long as you thought and when you're done, you're done and you'll be so glad you did it.

It really is so nice to come home to a picked up house. My goal is to keep it this way for the week so that Saturday morning, I can clean out my fridge before I go shopping as well as sweep, mop, vacuum and dust. (Dusting is actually Baby Gurl's since I have to stay on her to do the living room, I stay on top of doing the rest of the house.)

Maybe, just maybe, we'll get to the library this weekend with enough time to actually peruse all that the library has to offer instead of running through the doors at the last minute yelling, "Don't shut down the computers! Here are our books!"

I'll let you know if I'm successful.


  1. {{Big Smiles}}☺☺☺

  2. Good for you !

  3. You think I should get 'duh' permanently tattooed onto my forehead?



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