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Neat Google Tools

If you ever find yourself bored or want something fun to do, I suggest playing around with Google.

For example, did you know if you subscribe to Google's Webmaster Tools you can see what people have Googled to get to your blog? Check out some of mine:

-spoiled milk (is this anything like sour grapes?)
-glow in the dark pain (does pain glow in the dark?)
-split the Adam yo-yo (can any of you perform this yo-yo trick?)
-horizontal medicine cabinet (do they even make these?)

There are more, but they are a bit on the 'questionable' side of things. They are better left for my eyes only.

Also with Google Webmaster Tools, you can see who subscribes to your blog (thank you to the eight of you who subscribe to mine - I feel humbled).

If you're feeling frisky and funky, why not create an alert? Just for grins and giggles, I created one using the word 'Iva'. Every day, I get an email leading me to blogs and articles that use my name. Did you know that Iva isn't just a name of a person? It also stands for Individual Voluntary Arrangement, which according to Wikipedia is something people in the UK use to avoid bankruptcy. Woulda thunk.

I have also concluded that Iva, while not a very popular name, does exist outside the realm of GA. It's kind of exciting to discover that there are other women out there that have your name. (Well, to me, it's exciting. I have an unique (or so I thought) name. I suppose if you have a really popular name like Janet, you'd get a lot more hits from the Google Alert System.

There are tons of fun Google toys (or gadgets as they like to call them) that you can use. I've only touched on a few.

If you've found something new and exciting on the web - tell us about it! Leave a comment and I promise I'll go check it out.


  1. I like to see how people get to my site too and how many peopole subscribe. I use Statcounter and Feedburner to find it out. Can be quite comical!

  2. I didn't know about Feedburner...I'll have to check it out!

  3. Iva, can you please tell me which google toy lets you see who subscribed to your site? I went there, but being new to all of this it is like Greek to me! I enjoy reading your blog! I live in GA too and I took care of and taught Developmentally Disabled kids for many years! I loved it! So rewarding! Glad I found you...hope I can learn some things from you.


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