Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Just a quick note

Hey everyone. Just a quick note before I head off to work.

I'm thinking of moving my blog over to Word Press because I can personally email those who comment on my blog (Blogger doesn't offer that feature).

You can go over to Word Press and check out the blog I have set up over there (I imported this blog, so it's all the same stuff). Please take a look around.

A few warnings:

Word Press is a lot cleaner looking than blogger. In fact, it almost looks stale. It's the only aspect of WP that I really do not like. But to capture my commenter's emails, I might just deal.

The other option I have is going with Type Pad. It is not free but I can do more with it.

Let me know your thoughts. I know y'all hate change and have very strong thoughts - but I wonder if it's time for a change.

I'll check back in tonight. Leave a message with your opinions.



  1. Can I plead the 5th? lolol

  2. so many people have been moving their blogs over to wordpress, they do have a lot more features and while the look is a bit stark, but I can think of 5 people I know of who have moved from blogger to wordpress.

    either way I will still be reading :-)


  3. Thanks, Julie for the vote of confidence. That means a bunch to me (it really does!) Word Press offers almost what Type Pad does, but for free. I also have signed up for TP's 14 day trial. I'm giving them a shot...also stark, but has a bunch of great features that Blogger doesn't even touch.

    Still, I'm sure I have loyal readers who will go over and read my blog - where ever it ends up being - and that really means a lot to me.

  4. You can email people if they have their blogger account set up that way (and if you receive your comments by email). I wish everyone had it set up that way. I also wish I had originally put my blog on Wordpress, but I don't want to move as I think some people won't follow. I'll follow you regardless, just let us know before you make the plunge, so I can change my subscription!

  5. Found you on Writer interupted...I'm new to the blogosphere and really don't know much about WP..I use blogger because that was what everybody else I knew was using (yeah, yeah, bad reason); but it works well for me

  6. Actually, if you want to do anything with Wordpress, it wouldn't be free either as you would have to pay for a host like hostmonster and have the ability to design your blog like Ree's on the Pioneer Woman, or pay someone to do it for you. In the case of TypePad, I have all of my blogs with TypePad because it is so easy to navigate and design and I DO get the email addresses of my readers - privately - when I receive an email from TypePad telling me that I have a comment. That allows me to comment personally back to my readers if I want. I love TypePad. Check out what I have done on my own - without paying someone to do it for me - at my websites:

    I think you'll love TypePad. I tried Wordpress several times but always came back to TypePad. It is a clean layout and you can choose how it works for you. Let me know what you do!


  7. Ok, dear friend, you know I will follow you wherever you go, but, the other site is kinda


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