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Tuesday's Totals

I've decided that I want to start a new themed day for Tuesday - Tuesday's Totals. Since The Man Beast gets paid weekly and the new sales papers come out on Tuesdays, I'm going to start doing my grocery shopping on Tuesdays. I'll report here on Tuesdays to share any deals I got as well as how much I spent for the week. (My Harvey's has Wednesday-only sales. Some weeks I'll take advantage of them, other weeks, I won't. This week, I choose to take advantage of the 88 cent Food Lion Apple Juice and the 3/$5 deal on Dixie Sugar - I'll only buy one bag as I don't use sugar except for baking, occasionally. I'm out and this is a good chance to stock my pantry. Thanks, Linda)

This week was another week where I used the meat in my freezer to create my grocery list. I'm praying that there is another ground beef sale soon. My supply is dwindling. Next week, I'll be buying ground beef, so I'm just praying it is on sale - a good sale would help).

Oh, and speaking of praying, I prayed before I went shopping today. I actually prayed for patience as the kiddos were on my nerves (Lynne had just informed me that she stepped on her glassesAnnoyed 2). I was not a patient mom, so I prayed for patience. I also asked God to guide me in my shopping as I only had $60 to shop with this week. (I did $100, but I didn't plan ahead this week and ended up making TWO separate shopping trips for dinner -- this is bad, bad, BAD practice. I highly suggest that those of you who are watching your pennies, NOT do this. Trust me on this. I know of what I speak.) I actually got the idea of praying before going shopping from Crystal over at Biblical Womanhood Online. I think it's a practice I will continue as the week's follow. It didn't hurt and it allowed God into a little bit more of my compartmentalized life. (God, you go here and here...but not here. You all know what I'm talking about here.)

I hit Kroger first. I didn't get as awesome deals as I did the last trip (remember my $1 milk?) but I was able to get some about-to-expire hamburger buns for 69 cents. For the rest, I just shopped the sales. I think most everything I got was on sale or really cheap. (The Man Beast complains about commercial spaghetti sauce being soupy. I've tried the cheap stuff, the expensive stuff...everything is soupy. I'm going to try something new this week -- I'm going to add a bit of tomato paste to thicken it. I'll let you know how it goes).

I hit Food Lion next. I bought some Hamburger Helper that was on sale. (I was at a loss for coming up with that seventh meal, so I just threw in HH as a means to an end. We hardly ever buy it, but since it was on sale, I figured why not. I could have gotten the generic, but I find that those tend to be way too salty. I also bought some corn to throw into the HH because Man Beast likes corn. And I hate to disappoint Man Beast like I did this past week. I committed mutiny by serving him goulash. You would have thought he was dying as much as he ranted about it. Lesson learned -- no more goulash.)

So, all in all, I spent $53 today at the two stores. I'll spent a couple more dollars tomorrow at Harvey's...but all in all, I will have spent $60 for a week's worth of groceries...not too shabby, I think. I'll get better. I didn't use any coupons this time around and I didn't buy any stockpile items. But I'll get there).

Oh, and here is my menu for the week:

Tuna Melts with french fries
Spaghetti with butter bread
Hamburger Helper
Smoked Sausage, Au Gratin Potatoes
BBQ Chicken Sandwiches with Fritos
Fried Chicken with french fries
Tacos, spanish rice and beans (with homemade tortillas -- store bought are no longer an option)

So, how'd you do this week?


  1. Well..Publix had a huge sale, by one get one free. We mainly needed meats..all I had was a $100. But, we stocked up on other things too..very much welcomed, Iva. BTW, when you go shopping, look at the unit price, NOT the price..UNIT PRICE. Also, sugar is cheaper by the 5- 10 lb bag. Did I not tell you that? I can not remember. I bought those storage containers and bags. Everything is listed/alphabetized,yeah, I know, your getting a good laugh,lolol..hey, we live on one income, once a month. I learned really quickly on how to do what I need to do to make it last. Have a good evening, Blessings to is the packing going? (as she grins evily, lololololol, I ought not say anything, as will be in the same boat soon.)

  2. Hi Iva!
    We have been spending about a $100 a week on groceries and gas!
    I am trying to better our grocery bill and we are looking at moving yet again, right near my husbands work. This would help our gas bill a lot!
    Oh, I also am in the process of updating my blog...thank you for motivating me yet again!
    noe, I promise to start doing a houshold budget etc, you will hear from me again soon!!

  3. ok, the last comment, did not leave who I am!
    This is Lisa (ournewjourney)just so you know!

  4. Oh how I miss Publix, where shopping is a pleasure!

    I have to agree about the unit price, Linda. Bigger isn't always cheaper and if I have $5 and I need something, I might go for the cheaper over all price because the cheaper unit price is more than I can afford.

    Oh, and hating to be difficult, but yes, sugar is cheaper (usually) by the bigger bags, but if there's a chance that there are ants coming to invade, it's better to get smaller and less waste. (BTW, the sugar that is on sale is 4 lb bags - just enough for someone who never really uses sugar but just wants to take advantage of a good sale.

    Lisa, you had me freaked, girl! I was thinking 'who is anonymous and how does it know me?' I'm glad you cleared that up. I'll be checking up on you - and reading your blog. So hop to it! *grin*

  5. Iva,
    You can always take extra hamburger and hotdog buns and make garlic bread with them. Just put some butter and garlic salt, I like the lowry's best the others are to salty and put them under the broiler and toast them.
    As for the problem with the spagetti sause I usually put a can of crushed tomatoes in mine and make sure I drain the spagetti really well because that's where the extra water actually comes from.

  6. Excellent point about using hamburger and hot dog buns as garlic bread, Karen. We don't typically use garlic salt, just garlic powder, but it gives it just enough garlic flavor...especially after the Man Beast gets done with the cheese. LOL


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