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This is it...for now

The template you saw earlier (interestingly enough, the circles that looked strangely like horizontal yo-yos) is the template I'm going to undoubtedly go with. When I can afford it.

Oh it's free as it stands. But I want it tweaked a bit and that's going to cost a bit. Anyone want to sponsor me? I can create a PayPal link. (While I am joking, I've seen a lot of people do this on their blogs. Some call it 'Buy me a Beer' while others call it 'Buy me a Cup of coffee'. I think I would call mine 'Buy me a bottle of Calgon'!)

I got this lovely template over at While Linda is using one of her designs, I didn't hear about the site from Linda. I heard about the site from Laura over at Organizing Junkie. I had commented on how great her blog was and asked for some references for blog creators. I got a whole list last week and have been muling things over. But I do believe I'm going to go with Leelou. It has to be said, though, that there are literally hundreds of awesome ladies (men, too) who create some really out of this world stuff. One day, I'm going to learn ... or maybe not. I can't know how to do everything, right?


  1. PSST..I like the other layout/one better. Really..smiles

  2. Yeah...well, I don't :P Not yet. It'll be back up once it's tweaked to how I need it to me. Right now, it's not perfect and I just cannot settle.

    But once I get it how I want it, it will be a permanent fixture on my blog.


  3. No worries, dear friend..I understand..smiles

  4. im loving the new plog template. cant wait to see the one that will be permanent. i just might have to steal this one from you some

  5. Hmmm, gmta? You can take it. I don't own it.

  6. Iva,
    I went to splitdecisionz and downloaded one of their templates for my blog, but my navbar (dashboard) is not showing at the top. Any suggestions?

  7. Tammy, it won't show on your end. BUT us who view the blog can see it. smiles

  8. I can't see it, either. Let me think about this. How long ago did you change it? I wonder if it takes time to resinch?

    I like the template, btw. Elizabeth picked the same must be popular among the single mommies. Hmm, is because y'all run around like chickens with your heads cut off? Yup! Y'all need some spa treatments. But who can afford it?!?! Cyber Spas work just as well.

  9. Hey, I am all for the cyber spa..LOL. TY Iva for the giggle this am. smiles--PS..Now, see, I can see it on hers & yours, but not on my own. STRANGE

  10. I wonder if it's a blogger thing? My blog roll was incomplete last night before I went to bed, but it seems to be just fine now.

    I can see everyone's nav bars.

  11. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I didn't mention left-handed scissors because I've never bought them. I've only found one pair that I could use, and they were bought by my parents when I was 10. And they're painful. But they "work." That's all that matters. You laugh about having two lefty kids, but I'm the only lefty in my entire extended family! The only other one is a second cousin, but his father was adopted, so we aren't actually blood related.

  12. I changed it this morning. I can see the dashboard when I am here on your site, but I can't see it on Linda's Blog.


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