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Spoiled Milk

This Is My Wish - Anonymous
This Is My Wish - Anonymous
There is absolutely nothing like being jolted awake, realizing that the gallon of frozen milk you left on the chest freezer to thaw has been left out all night. What makes this realization even worse is knowing that you were in said kitchen, not 12 hours earlier, cleaning it up and you walked right past the milk without even thinking about putting it up.

I declare moving hazardous to your mental health. The proof is in the pudding. Or milk. Whatever.

Today, I'm choosing to tackle the den bookcase. I grabbed a few of my book and looked up the ISBN numbers on Cash4Books. With The Man Beast's two text books, I scored myself $42. Granted, I could have made more if I listed them on eBay. (In fact, the Man Beast had a cow when he found out I didn't go that route). But my thinking is this - quick, fast, speedy...did I mention quick? I cannot be bothered with dealing with listings. I wanted it gone now and I chose this route. At least with C4B, they pay for the shipping and they pay me. The best part is the only thing I have to do on my part is take the box to the post office, tape the prepaid sheet onto the box and ship. That's it! I'm done.

This is why planning ahead is such a great idea. If I would have posted the books on eBay back when the Man Beast first mentioned it, when I had time; I probably could have doubled my money. But I didn't. So I didn't.

Lesson learned.

I'm learning. I'm currently reading this fabulous book - Get More Done In Less Time by Donna Otto. The title is pretty self explanatory. An interesting note here is that I put this book on hold at my library over two months ago. I do not believe that it's a coincidence that I got the book the week that I started planning a move.

We all know that organization saves us time and money...but it also saves us sanity. Think about it: how great do you feel after cleaning house all day and waking up the next day to the fruits of your labors? How happy are you? I'm borderline giddy. And it's so stupid really because this is one thing in my life that I really can control.

Nothing makes me happier than when the Man Beast asks where something is and I know exactly where it is. It's really the little things that keeps this chick happy. It's very sad sometimes.

What impresses me most about what Donna Otto says in her book is what she says after she talks about a memo to Jesus from Jordan Management Consultants regarding the 12 men's applications that He submitted for the positions of the 12 Disciples. The Consultants nix every single man except one: Judas Iscariot.

Not one of us is a mistake. We are here for a purpose....

If God of the universe could have chosen 11 of the most unlikely men to carry out a task that changed the world, I am convinced that the same God has given me the right husband, the right house (it's not too small, it's not too big), the right child (she's not too slow, she's not too fast; she's not too fat, she's not too thin), and the very best situation for who I am and who he wants me to be. I am further convinced that I can live an orderly life. I am content with my space and my place.

Get More Done in Less Time, Donna Otto, 1995 pgs. 22, 27

Wow. So often, I like to compartmentalize God. I put Him in a box and take Him out on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. I'll talk to Him more when I'm in trouble than when I'm not. Very rarely do I put God where He belongs - in every single aspect of my life.

I should not do this grudgingly. I should do this willingly. After all, I am not a mistake. I was put here for a purpose. Every single second of my Walk should focus on Him. More importantly, every single second of my life should focus on Him.

Even this move.

Especially this move.

Why not take this Saturday to keep God a conscious part of your day? Talk to Him. Tell Him everything. Praise Him. Even if your Walk is dark right now, count the blessings He has given you. Chances are, once you start thinking about them, your list will grow quite long.


  1. TYVM♥ for the duct tape (he message you left at mine), want some? That is def. something we do have pletny of. ROFL

  2. Me thinks, at this point, packing tape would be of better use. The kiddos are eating lunch, so they are *very* quiet.

  3. For selling your books, you could also check out which searches a bunch of sites for the best prices. It includes Cash4books, which usually offers pretty good prices, but it wouldn't hurt to check out the others.

  4. Thanks for the link, I'll look into it.


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