Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bills -- a pretty popular subject

Today was going great until I opened up my email from my electric company.

I about fell out of my computer chair when I saw that my bill -- my current bill-- was $400. We had switched to flat billing because our electric was so high a year ago. But when they wanted to put our flat amount at $350 when the year was up, I decided to go with regular billing. My first couple of bills were very reasonable. And then there's this one.

The insulation in this house is in serious need of an update. We're looking into moving into a house on the outskirts of town. It's recently been redone and it has insulation throughout the house (not just some of it, as is the case with the current house we're in). Even though rent will be slightly higher, we'll end up coming out cheaper for our monthly bills simply because electric is cheaper and it's on a well. I hope we get it.

The Boy went to The Friend's house to play while Baby Gurl and I went grocery shopping. I decided after getting a $400 electric bill, that we needed to eat out of the freezer. I got a week's worth of groceries (with no meat, I'm using the ground beef in the freezer) for $40. I didn't use any coupons this trip and only shopped the sales and the generics. I even picked up some bananas (ridiculous at .69/lb) and peaches (.99/lb). I got some great deals, too! For example, I was able to pick up a gallon of milk for $1. I picked up two. They expire today -- but I have a freezer, so I picked those bad boys up and went on my merry little way. They also had some kids' yogurt for $1, also expiring today -- but again, hello?! Frozen yogurt! (Actually, they probably won't last through the weekend...kiddos love yogurt and I never buy the kid stuff because it's so darned expensive).

I do have to point out, however, that suppers in this house are going to be on the cheap side. The most 'expensive' meal we're having is tonight - terriaki marinated chicken breasts, chicken flavored noodles and green beans (chicken was in the freezer). We're also having mac n cheese taco bake, hamburger philly cheese steak sandwiches, spaghetti and goulash (The Man Beast detests goulash, but I'm bribing him a bit by putting corn in it -- wish me luck!)

It's tough times, but I don't see it getting better -- regardless of who is in office.

A move for this family into a smaller house with better insulation and ceiling fans in every room just makes sense. We've been wanting to move for awhile now. Nothing like a $400 kick-in-the-pants to motivate you.


  1. Well..truth be told, we prob will have to put the house up for sale soon..right now, it is pretty tough..we bought the house when he worked & when he fell ill in '05, we have managed to keep it, well..never mind..you heard it first from me..hugS, MY DEAR FRIEND.

  2. House isn't the problem...insulation is...at least for us.

  3. Yeah..we had rented an old home, it was like 100 yrs old. Talk about drafty in the winter and darn right hot in the summer. Sorry Iva about the elec bill. I just paid ours, $174 & thats with a house with insulation, a house that is 4 yrs old. I am telling you, things are just going up and up..I won't start on that..:)

  4. Honestly girl, $175 electric bill looks right fine to me.

    The owner got the electric bill at the house we're looking at (still no word). $30. I WANT that house.


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