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Chipped Teeth and Dead Birds

This would have been my Saturday and this would have been why I didn't create a blog post yesterday.

I was just too stressed!

The kiddos decided that they were going to play. So, they took the ladder from Baby Gurl's bunk beds and created a bridge from the gaming chair to the couch in the den.

I saw it and I didn't say anything.

Even now, 24 hours later, I'm still irked at the whole situation.

Baby Gurl was playing on it and all the sudden I hear a 'Oh, ow!' and then she disappears into the bathroom. She's not howling, so I really don't give it much thought until I hear the Boy ask, "Are you bleeding?"

I calmly walk to the bathroom as not to scare the girl, but all the way, I'm dreading what I might find. I thought maybe she might have bitten her lip and she was bleeding. That I could handle.

What I saw, sent a shiver down my spine.

A chipped front tooth. A permanent chipped front tooth.

Teeth are a big deal to me. I have really bad teeth and I had hoped that God had been gracious in the genes department to give my children their father's teeth. He had. And then something like this happens.

I'm angry. I'm angry at the kids for doing what they do best -- creating death traps. I'm angry because if I would have halted that creativity, this probably wouldn't have happened. I'm angry at what this might mean.

Since it was Saturday, I couldn't take Baby Girl to the dentist. I sent the kiddos outside to play while I went online and did research.

Root canal. That's all I read, time and time again.

I can't find the chip, so they'll have fix that. But looking closer at the tooth, I see a line that divides the tooth in half length wise (as in to the bottom of her tooth to her gum). The tooth is damage. She said when she brushes her teeth, it's cold and it hurts. That means that there might be an exposed root or nerve.

I feel like a failure as a mom. I have no idea if our insurance is going to pay for this and I have not idea how much pain is involved.

And I won't know anything until tomorrow.

Oh, and the dead bird? Courtesy of one of my five cats. In my dining room. On the floor. In all it's glory.

I was the designated bird thrower-outter. Have you ever felt a dead animal body?

It's cold. Very cold. Colder than ice. And it's freaky.

As I was throwing the dead bird out into the garbage, I said a prayer for it. I suppose it's kind of stupid to say a prayer for something that's already dead, but I felt kind of weird throwing it out.

I could have buried it, I suppose. But I've had enough of burying animals. I've buried six kittens in our back yard.

Where's the Calgon?


  1. Iva, are not a failure. You are a very caring.loving person.I am sorry this happened to you all. I do not know what to say to make you feel better. Just know, you are in my prayers, and no, it is not stupid to say a prayer to the bird..we are all Gods creatures and even the littlest or the animals need prayers. (this might envolve into the animals don't go to Heaven topic, lol.) But, all in all, your a good person..God bless you my dear friend. (ps. shall I tell you about my sons teeth? Poor thing, had to suffer thru alot of pain.)

  2. Kids play, Kids have accidents. That doesn't make you a bad mother. I learned a while ago, that could a would a and should a don't change anything.

    I would say don't worry to much about it. It can be fixed. Ask my hubby it has happened to him more times than I care to count. He is a klutz and it looks like a real tooth.


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