Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A big thank you to the unthanked

I'm taking advantage of the sit-down time I have to update. Unfortunately, I'm doing this 'offline' because our DSL is wonky and decides not to work when there is a storm.
I've promised everyone that I would give updates and I stand true on my promise.

Unfortunately, during the week I have some fabulous ideas for blog entries but end up 'losing' them when I get near a computer. (I read in a blog -- I don't remember which one -- that the author would get alerts from Yahoo or Google and then use those as blog entries. That sounds like a grand idea except that my ideas rarely revolve around current events. But...maybe they should? Maybe if I did, I would make more timely entries? Maybe if I did I would give my readers something to read?)

Today's entry will revolve around a current even considering the date. Everyone remembers where they were 'when the world stopped turning.' I remember standing in front of my TV screen, completely at shock at what I was seeing. I always felt pretty safe in my country. The terror that I felt came from within -- the most trivial being the dark; the most horrific being attacked in my bed while I sleep. I thought (stupidly), that the rest of the world posed no kind of threat to us. I suppose I never thought that the US was loved, but I had no idea that we were hated. Even now, when I turn on the news (or lately, boot up the computer) and read about how much we're hated, it hurts. What hurts worse is how often the verbal attack on our country, our government comes from those who live within our walls; who were born here.
I am no so naive to believe that our country and it's government is perfect. I realize anything headed by men is fallible by nature. But what I don't understand is what is gained by constant criticism? The criticism is especially significant with elections coming up.

I suggest everyone listening to the candidates with prayful consideration because the fact of the matter is that no one candidate is going to 'fit the bill' in all areas that are best for our country. If we could combine the strengths of all the candidates, we'd have an ideal president. But since we can't, we need to go with the best choice. I urge everyone to go to the polls in 08 prayfully.
Until then, my prayers are with our service people as well as our policemen and firemen. I think often these three groups of people (as well others) are unthanked heroes.

When you think about it, please send a prayer of thanks (and protection) for those who help and protect behind the scenes, often at a great sacrifice.

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  1. I too remember where I was, what I was doing and how I felt the moment I learned what had happened. Hubby and I were talking about that last night on the phone.

    May we all remember and never forget.


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