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Lazy Sunday Post

An amazing thing happened this week: I was actually productive, getting everything I needed to get done, done with "tie" to spare on my calendar. 

What this has enabled to me to do is those little projects that, when I pass them, I utter, "I really need to do that", but never have time.

Take yesterday, for example. I was able to not only clean out my hutch, emptying all its contents, washing them, drying them, dusting the shelves and replacing the items, but I was also able to clean off my desk (complete with paper decluttering), clean off the bookshelf in Mom's room (that I've been meaning to do since December!) and clean off all three shelves - which are also in her room (notice the trend?)

What that means for me today is I get to sit, quietly and do absolutely nothing if I choose to.

What a wonderful feeling.

Instead, I will cut and organize my coupons, finish my Bible study for the week, and continue reading the book I'm reading.

I am ready to tackl…