Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Starting out the week with good habits

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While many of you are snowed in (or at least have a snow day), here in GA, it's raining and warm(er). It's also a furlough - meaning no work. (Or, not getting paid to work. I HAVE work. Today, is a work day.)

A couple of days ago, I shared how I came to have a panic attack. I outlined why it happened, how I got over it, and my game plan to prevent it from  happening again.

Well, logically (there's that word again), I know I can't prevent it from happening. If it's going to happen, it's going to happen.

But I can put routines, strategies, and habits in place to put the odds in my favor that I'll be able to handle overwhelming thoughts (as opposed to completely shutting down).

So, here is what I did right (so far) this week:

Monday - Laundry Schedule says, "Wash sheets and blankets" So, I did. Everyone's sheets and blankets got washed, dried and put on beds. Baby Girl's pillow saw better days, so I went out and bought her a new one. (And because I couldn't get one for her and not The Boy, I got *two*).

I worked from home in order to prepare for the upcoming week.

I went to work and got quite a bit accomplished, all things considered.

Last night, I decided to tackle my coupons. They should have been tackled Sunday night but I didn't. The point is, not only did I organize my coupons from last week and this week, I had a Wal-Mart bag beside me so I was able to gather trash as I cut. It took me awhile - about an hour - but at the end, everything was picked up, organized, and I was happy.

Today - Laundry Schedule says, "Wash your clothes." So, that's what I'm doing. I brought out two baskets full of clothes, convinced that it is going to take me all day. Well, the first load is in the dryer, the second load is in the wash, and I have one load of whites to go. Three loads. Not seven. (I'm a bit dramatic when it comes to my to-do list).

I feel pretty confident about the upcoming week. It's going to be busy, to be sure! In fact, pretty much swamped with work, cookie booths, and life until March-ish.

But that's okay. Despite it all, I enjoy my life. I enjoy all the craziness of my life. More importantly, I understand that this super busy time is only for a short time. This helps me put things into perspective.

Not to mention there is an awesome Girl Scout trip awaiting me at the end of this craziness.

Until next time...

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